Bernie Sanders 2011: "American Dream More Apt to Happen in Venezuela"

A comment by Bernie Sanders from 2011 is worth a revisit especially in context of what's been happening in Venezuela.

A display of Tweets explains the ridiculousness of his comments.

Bernie Sanders 2011

80% in Poverty

Loot or Die

Unfortunately Dead

Freedom Index

Venezuela Inflation 7276%

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Hello Bernie, Care to Comment on Venezuela?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock


xil, The republicans are not much different. They at least collect a significant portion of their funding from smaller donors. Both parties are beholden to the One World bunch. It will not turn out well. Trump disrupted the plan. It was supposed to be Hillary or Jeb. Different parties, same real politics (as opposed to what they claim in public).


TallTony: There are now 100 years of history regarding Socialism. Mass murder and famine are its most salient features. Please review the history surrounding Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Hitler, Tito, Mao, Kim Jung Il and Un, Pohl Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Ceausescu, etc. Tens of millions starved, tens of millions murdered. History is repeating itself in Venezuela. It always turns out this way. The US with the rest of the Western World is stumbling down the same path to the same ruin. These modern Western A-hole Socialists are no different from the bastards in the list above. When things in the West turn into a real mess, they will show their true colors. The iron fist will come down. I fear for my children and grandchildren.


The central banks are doing just what Marx said to do to disrupt capitalism. Flood the economy with money. The Left (the ones pulling the strings) in the USA as far as I can tell are the people that fund the Democrat party -- The banksters and international corporations. The same people that the Left purports to hate most are the ones that finance them. They have disproportionate control of the government. They have control of the major news media, that apparently you watch too much of. The goal of this scum is one world government and one world market, both of which of course they control.