Best Way to Say Farewell to McCain: Piss on His Grave

McCain is gone. Good riddance.

I am extremely anti-war.

I would have spit in General Westmorland's face if I had the chance.

Senator McCain is of the same ilk. So is Hillary Clinton.

I do not give a damn about their alleged "service" killing innocent lives.

Tonight the crocodile tears are flowing from the hypocrites.

Really? What About This?

Flame Lives On

The flame surely does live on, but not in each one us. It lives on in the warmongers, the military vote-buying complex, and in the minds of fools who cannot see how counterproductive US foreign policy is.

In Praise of Fools

Trudeau Praises McCain

Two Peas in a Pod

If ever two people were meant for each other, that was surely the couple, each as despicable as the other.

If you think McCain is a hero, you should be singing the praises of Hillary as well. He wanted Hillary, not Trump as president. They were two peas in one warmongering pod.

Mike "Mish" Shedock

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Trench Warfare
Trench Warfare

Is there a urinal placed above this traitor's grave with the piping running directly into his mouth? Or it's just a piss-free-for-all?


McCaine helped murder hundreds of thousands in the Middle East. He should have been drawn and quartered while alive.


First time I can recall you writing something this vile. Extremely disappointed Mish. It's one thing to say you disagreed , but you took this to a despicable level. Hope you reconsider.


How can you tell if someone voted against McCain/Palin? A: Because they just posted a majestic tribute to the man on facebook. My head is currently spinning at the concept.

Tengen, thanks for pointing out the Keating Five, surprised Mish missed that.


I picture the little girl running & screaming with her clothes burned off. Multiply that by how much to get a measure of McCain? I'm only sorry he didn't hang on & suffer longer. He has a special place in hell. War pimp.