BMW to Move US Production to China: More "Winning" Coming, $200B Trump Response

I keep wondering how much more winning we can take. Regardless, more winning is on the way, another $200 billion.

Thanks to Trump's tariffs and China's response BMW Increasing Production in China, in a shift away from the US.

Automaker BMW says it will build more of its popular SUVs overseas to offset the higher cost of sending cars to China due to recently enacted tariffs.

BMW also said it will raise the price of South Carolina-built vehicles sold in China to help offset that country's new 40 percent import tax on cars from the U.S., retaliation for higher tariffs on Chinese goods imposed by President Donald Trump.

BMW builds key SUV models in Spartanburg County, where it employs 10,000 people. Those vehicles are exported to 140 countries, making BMW the largest U.S. auto exporter. Most of the cars made in the Upstate are shipped overseas through the Port of Charleston's Columbus Street Terminal.

BMW and Chinese partner Brilliance Automotive Group Holdings signed an agreement Monday to expand their joint venture, the German automaker said in a news release. The deal will boost the number of cars produced annually at two facilities in China to 520,000 by 2019.

Winning Announcements Stack Up

This winning announcement is fresh on the heels of this Tesla winning announcement: Tesla Production Heads to China: Bull and Bear Case Explained.

Previously, we had this winning announcement: Harley to Shift Some Production Overseas.

On the Harley announcement, I heard analysts say "BMW is far more important and EU production will move to the US."

Something happened to the latter half of that thought.

Forget about that, BMW is clearly more important than Harley. That makes the BMW announcement a bigger Trump "win".


8D Chess

Tariff fans say China has more to lose and Trump is playing 3D chess.

Is that 3D or 8D?

I cannot think in eight dimensions. I am dimensionally-challenged.

I must be playing tiddlywinks.

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Winning Getting Out of Hand

In case you missed it, Thanks to Trump Tariffs Soybeans Tumble Near 10-Year Low.

This "winning" is getting a bit out of hand. I have lost track of the wins. But I do have a simple question:

How much more winning can we take?

While pondering that simple question, Bloomberg reports U.S. Poised to Publish $200 Billion China Tariff List.

Perhaps it's time to consider my tiddlywinks view: No Matter What Any Other Country Does, the Correct Action is to Reduce Tariffs.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Trump is an idiot who only knows how to bash and dis-integrate intitutions not build them let alone improve them. Then there's the truly integrative individual who is willing and able to take the best aspects of apparently opposing perspectives and create something new and better.


I am amazed the Left has to make up stories to attack Trump when he gives them a legitimate reason for attack with his tariff policies. Tariffs not only hurt America but they destroy developing economies by locking them out of foreign markets. Then we send aid to these countries due to poverty which further degrades their markets due to displacement of local manufacturing, agriculture, etc. Tariffs are a lose/lose strategy. Mish is spot on that we should unilaterally remove all tariffs and I have advocated for then stopping all foreign aid (as well as all foreign military engagements). Our country was not founded on protectionist policy but on trade with other countries while not having military engagements. You build good will from trade and not killing people in other countries.


looks like made in china 2025 is right on schedule. We should have taken on the chinese with our own free trade zones and small robotics manufacturing plants. Show them we can compete. Tariffs are a short term solution to long term problems.


Hi Morris. I am constantly amazed at the ”Left”vs ”Right” talk on this site and in the US overall. Both sides are wasting their time bashing, and hating each other in a horribly unproductive manner. Each side is so concerned with destroying the other, that they would rather harm the country, than work together. Trump is just another example of this stupidity. In order to appeal to his base he must do things that will harm the country. I find it shocking that there is no common sense anymore. But, I guess that’s what happens when you use the ”politics of hate”. The trade war that he is starting, is just one example of this stupidity. Worse, Trump isn’t starting just one trade war with China; he is starting them with Europe, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Korea, Australia, etc. Only an idiot would try to fight multiple wars at the same time. Only an imbecile would think that ”winning” means suffering the least. I feel sorry for Americans. If Trump continues the pursuit of more trade war wins, American workers and consumers will keep losing. But as his supporters frequently say on this site, we will take the suffering today for a better tomorrow. How sad that the suffering today, merely leads to a bleaker tomorrow.


What authority does Trump have to impose tariffs?