Bolton, a Seriously Deranged Madman, Sought Options to Strike Iran


John Bolton, Trump’s national security adviser, had asked for military options to strike Iran, rattling the Pentagon.

The Wall Street Journal reports White House Sought Options to Strike Iran.

President Trump’s National Security Council asked the Pentagon to provide the White House with military options to strike Iran last year, generating concern at the Pentagon and State Department, current and former U.S. officials said.

The request, which hasn’t been previously reported, came after militants fired three mortars into Baghdad’s sprawling diplomatic quarter, home to the U.S. Embassy, on a warm night in early September. The shells—launched by a group aligned with Iran—landed in an open lot and harmed no one.

But they triggered unusual alarm in Washington, where Mr. Trump’s national security team led by John Bolton conducted a series of meetings to discuss a forceful American response, including what many saw as the unusual request for options to strike Iran.

“It definitely rattled people,” a former senior U.S. administration official said of the request. “People were shocked. It was mind-boggling how cavalier they were about hitting Iran.”

The Pentagon complied with the National Security Council’s request to develop options for striking Iran, the officials said. But it isn’t clear if the proposals were provided to the White House, whether Mr. Trump knew of the request or whether serious plans for a U.S. strike against Iran took shape at that time.

Mr. Bolton’s request reflects the administration’s more confrontational approach toward Tehran, one that he has pushed since taking up the post last April.

As a think-tank scholar and Fox News commentator, Mr. Bolton repeatedly urged the U.S. to attack Iran, including in a 2015 New York Times op-ed titled, “To stop Iran’s bomb, bomb Iran.”

Bolton Seriously Deranged

Bolton has learned nothing from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, or Syria. As a seriously deranged madman in precisely the wrong place, he a dangerous threat to US and global security.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Supposedly Bolton and Pompeo have Trump's ear on Iran and the Syria withdrawal was announced with the intention of enlisting Turkish support for Iran sanctions (probably a secondary purpose, with the main one being the cessation of Erdogan's attacks on MbS and the House of Saud).

I've long felt bad for regular Iranian people. The ayatollahs haven't been popular for quite a while and we've done nothing but antagonize them since 1953. Unfortunately the Saudis and Israelis have it in for them, therefore we do too.


"We came, we saw, he died...cackle, cackle, cackle..." -- Secretary Hillary Clinton, on orders of President Obama, on the overthrow and assassination/murder of Muammar Gaddafi, the legitimate and internationally recognized leader of Libya - which then plunged that country into chaos.

The same Hillary Clinton, who came within a hair's breath of winning the US Presidency.

I am busy looking for the Mish article calling her a deranged madwoman and a dangerous threat to US and global luck.

And all Bolton did was look at options...


He is the walrus, coo co kachoo... But now there's a new theme song:


I'm not saying this is a primary motivation for Middle Eastern nuclear but I do wish to point out something the US and Westerners give absolutely no consideration for: the West lives in a world of relatively abundant access to drinking water. We never consider that the Middle East RELIES on desalinated water. And what is the primary ingredient to create desalinated water? HEAT. The all to abundant by-product of nuclear energy electric generation is exactly that - HEAT. Nuclear electric generation folds in perfectly for desalination. It may not justify it - but we need to allow for their desire for that by-product.


Wow, a crazy President surrounded by insane war-mongers. What a shit show the US is turning into. My condolences.