Boris Johnson Takes Corbyn's Weak Pitch and Blasts it Over the River Thames


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn set himself up for a huge takedown today. Johnson smacked one out of the park.

Regarding Boris Johnson's first day as prime minister, I commented: Boris Johnson Meets the Queen then Cleans House: 10 Sacked, 4 Quit, 2 Retired.

The much-needed house cleaning continued today.

In addition, Johnson laid into Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. This Thatcherite speech sums up wonderful day number two for the new prime minister.

Key Moment

"He [Jeremy Corbyn] speaks about trust in our democracy. I have to say that a most extraordinary thing has just happened today. Did anybody notice? Did anybody notice the terrible metamorphosis that took place, like the final scene of Invasion of the Bodysnatchers? At last, this longstanding Eurosceptic, the right honourable gentleman, has been captured. He has been jugulated, he has been reprogrammed by his honourable friends. He has been turned now into a remainer! Of all the flip-flops that he has performed in his tergiversating career, that is the one for which I think he will pay the highest price."

"It is this party now, this government, who are clearly on the side of democracy in this country."

Thatcherite Speech

That is precisely the kind of delivery that Theresa May never executed in her life.

Those in the US might appreciate this Baseballish translation.

It might be, it could be, it is, a Johnson home run. Holy Cow.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Yeah I still remember when you were as excited with another derange leader here in the US. I forecast difficult times for the UK under this version of the orange guy.



The only reason I was "excited" by Trump is that I viewed him as being a far better candidate than Hillary.

That assessment still stands. I would vote for Trump again.

BJ has a real shot at excellence. Delivering Brexit alone likely suffices


Demagogue. Brexit is not the "will of the people", it is the will of a slight majority, which is something entirely different -- democracy is not the exercise of power by the majority over minorities. His jingoistic and frankly racist scepticism about PressTV compared to US officials is far off the mark. US officialdom has proven over and over that they cannot be trusted. Nobody should ever take government declarations at face value. Confirms my worst suspicions -- rah rah, stirring up tribal sentiment, posturing with half-truths.


A good start, but he needs practice, tempo, timing and solemnity. Churchill might simply have said, "...a modest speech by a modest man with much to be modest about; We're out as soon as I can get us there."


Johnson is more actor than politician - and he has a lot of nerve lecturing anybody else on hypocrisy.

I hope he does well for Britain, but I think he is a clown who will become self-obsessed like the idiot we have to deal with over here.