Bosch Announces Better Diesel Engine: Sorry Germany, Diesel is Dead

Bosch announces a diesel engine with fewer emissions but it's too little, too late.

Bosch promises that the gains are for real, and there will be no shenanigans this time around.

This new technology promises to slash nitrogen oxide emissions, which are responsible for smog in congested areas, to one-tenth of the European legal limit set to take effect in 2020.

After the Dieselgate scandal, it seemed that diesel was on its way out as a fuel in Europe. Last year, demand for new diesel cars fell by 17.1 percent in the U.K., and sales in Germany have fallen by 19.5 percent. Some major cities are preparing to ban diesel altogether as early as 2025.

One More Chance Baby

Eurointelligence Comments

This story reminds us of the German company that developed the last generation of analogue telephone exchanges in the 1990s, hoping to fight off the relentless advance of the digital technology. It was mature and stable. And probably with some technical advantages over the then still-not-fully-developed digital technologies. But it came too late.

We find it hard to believe that this technology can be introduced early enough and in sufficient quantities to prevent diesel bans in German and other European cities. And the latter is the reason for the acute sales crisis of diesel cars, which has turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy. At a time when the US and China are developing electrical smart cars, the fate of the ultimate diesel engine looks to be the same as that of the world’s best analogue telephone exchange.

Headlines Tell the Story

These headlines tell the story, and it rates to escalate, no matter how good the new engine may be.

Diesel is Dead

Sorry Bosh, diesel is dead. Upgrading diesel technology is mostly a waste of time and money even if Bosh is telling the truth this time.

The future is electric. Germany still wants to look backward.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock


I don't know how much electricity costs where you are, but here in Seattle the per-mile cost of electricity is much cheaper than gas or diesel. Lower maintenance cost for pure EV due to simpler drive train. I rode with a Lyft driver in a used Leaf he picked up for $9,000. Uses high speed charging stations twice a day, pays next to nothing. He seemed pretty happy.


Diesel is definitely not dead in South America. I was in Chile last week and many of their autos are Diesel. Good luck getting that population to abandon Diesel.



I might consider buying an electric car when I can recharge the batteries in 2 min and then go another 600 miles, as with my diesel car & truck.


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