Brexit Musical Tribute: Smiling Faces Show No Traces of Evil That Lurks Within

The 585-page Brexit deal was so one-sided that 6 UK ministers resigned and Parliament openly laughed at PM Theresa May.

Tweets of the Day

Brexit SecretaryDominic Raab: "I cannot in good conscience support the terms proposed for our deal with the EU. Here is my letter to the PM explaining my reasons."

Work and Pensions SecretaryEsther McVey: "Earlier this morning I informed the Prime Minister I was resigning from her Cabinet."

Northern Ireland MinisterShailesh Vara MP: "With much sadness and regret I have submitted my letter of resignation as a Northern Ireland Minister to the Prime Minister. A copy of my letter is attached."

May Jeered

Wow. Imagine both Republicans and Democrats laughing at Trump that way in Congress.

May was openly and deservedly laughed at.

What's Wrong With the Deal?

  1. It potentially keeps the UK in limbo perpetually.
  2. While in limbo, the UK has to keep paying the EU for access
  3. While in limbo, the UK has no voting rights
  4. The deal does not solve the problem with Ireland, it only works out a temporary arrangement.
  5. The deal leaves the UK at the mercy of the ECJ, the European Court of Justice, an EU body.

What's Right With the Deal?

  • In a word: Nothing.
  • In a sentence: The deal stinks to high heavens so badly, it's hard to see how anyone could like it.
  • In a paragraph: The deal temporarily solves a few issues, but at enormous expense. It puts the UK at the mercy of the EU for years, if not forever.

Musical Tribute

Inquiring minds may be wondering if I have a musical tribute. Indeed I do.

Undisputed Truth

Smiling faces sometimes

Pretend to be your friend

Smiling faces show no traces

Of the evil that lurks within (can you dig it?)

Smiling faces, smiling faces, sometimes

They don't tell the truth

Smiling faces, smiling faces tell lies and I got proof

Oh, oh, yeah​

May's Square One Lie

May said rejection of this deal would constitute a "return to square one".

That's a bald-faced lie.

Both the UK and the EU are making preparations for a hard Brexit. Procedures covering worker's rights, trade through the tunnel, air traffic etc., are all in the works. The longer this goes on, the less scary a hard Brexit becomes.

That indeed is the reason for May's gambit. She needs to scare the begeebies out of everyone for political fame: "I worked out a deal, hurray!"

Rotten Kettle of Fish

Given that the deal solves no problems but forces the UK to keep paying a Brexit bill, the EU will not agree to any changes that are not in the EU's favor.

Some deals are so bad they must be refused.

The UK should take a pass on this rotten kettle of fish.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

No. 1-12

Is it Evil Within or Stupidity Within?

I don't want to say anything nice about the EU, but the whole mess of UK separation from the EU is a Made-in-Britain dog's breakfast. It was the Oxbridge denizens of the Palace of Westminster who foolishly got the UK into the EU, and then foolishly ran an ill-considered referendum, and stupidly negotiated like little kids, and now are in the current mess. Yet it will be the same silly punters who will be in charge of the UK's fate after separation!

For an investor, this is a UK sell signal. Perhaps sometime after separation, the UK will finally get its act together. Until then, caveat emptor.


Come on aboard our new luxury liner- Titanic.



This would seem to be the perfect moment to apply Hanlon's Razor: More likely stupidity than malice.


Despite all the resignations & opposition, this deal will "pass". And then May will disappear into the woodwork while the conversation shifts from 'brexit' to the 'terms of the deal' (which is really just indefinite 'bremain'). Mission accomplished. The will of the people will be scuttled, and UK voters will not see another referendum on any meaningful issue for decades.


I watched all of this unfold and have been reading parts of this so called 'draft agreement' and it is every bit as bad as Mish says. Mrs May is a complete moron for ever having agreed to this. In former times she would have been arrested, conveyed to The Tower, brought to trial in Westminster Hall and then one cold January morning 'suffer' on Tower Hill. And rightly so.