Caravan of 5,000 Hondurans Flock Mexican Border Hoping to Get to the US

A growing parade of Honduran hope to reach the US via Mexico. President Trump has threatened military action.

The Wall Street Journal Photo of the Day shows migrants taking part in a caravan heading to the U.S. near the Mexico-Guatemala border.

Bloomberg reports Migrant Caravan Continues Toward U.S., Even as Trump Threatens Military Intervention.

Fox News reports Migrant caravan grabs for American Dream, as immigrants forge unique challenge for US, Mexico.

The river separating Guatemala and Mexico is the primary crossing point for tens of thousands of Central American immigrants who migrate north each year looking for work and a better life in America. Saturday night, however, when the sun went down, the river banks came alive, with hundreds of young Honduran men breaching the river to the chorus of fellow countrymen cheering them when they reached Mexican soil. Police made no attempt to intervene.

The caravan, numbering anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000, is composed of young, unemployed men, women with children, some families and unaccompanied juveniles. Most are from Honduras.

Mexican officials say some 5,100 to 7,200 migrants registered to stay in the shelters of Cuidad Hidalgo, with another 2,000 chose to camp in the town square. Earlier in the day, the Mexican government estimated 2,000 remained in Guatemala.

Mexico says some 640 asylum claims have been processed since Friday.  Many other immigrants waded across the Suchiate guided by a tow rope or took one of dozens of rafts that ply these waters daily. Mexico said “900” arrived in such “unauthorized means.”

Mexico says it will police its border against rogue caravan members who try to cross illegally, although evidence suggests otherwise.

Mexico fears Central Americans turned away from U.S. ports of entry will overwhelm already stressed food banks and shelters in border cities like Tijuana, Nogales and Juarez, creating immigrant ghettos of crime and desperation, with migrants unable to move north and with no money to return home.

With the midterm election just two weeks away, their trek north could provide a potent political argument for both sides as American voters decide which party can best untangle the immigration knot.

Perfect Timing

If those refugees were looking to aid Republicans in the mid-term elections, their timing was perfect.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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what are we going to do when the caravan numbers swell to 50k or more ? trump could, since he likes to use the national security clauses to invoke executive actions (i.e tariffs), reallocate defense dollars to physical border security.


Their only legal path to the US is to arrive at the border and seek asylum. Trump is reaping what he sows.


Why did Mexico allow local people to give these migrants from Honduras and Guatemala rides over the river for about a dollar in rubber tire rafts?

Mexico should have sent police to confiscate the rafts once they saw the first raft cross the river.

Why did Mexico allow these people to cross the river swimming or with ropes they put across the river?

Mexico should have sent police to arrest everyone crossing the river for immigration violation.

Everyone crossing the river without a visa and without a passport should have been arrested by Mexico and put into an airplane and flown back to the other side of Guatemala or back to Honduras.

Why did Mexico according to news give some of these people 45 day visas which with they can get to US border and claim asylum?

Mexico should have either made these people ask for asylum from Mexico or returned them back to Guatemala or Honduras.

Why did Guatemala NOT send Guatemalan police arrest migrants trying to push into Mexico already on the Guatemalan side?

Why did Guatemala NOT close the broidge from their side thereby avoiding this humanitarian catastrophe on the bridge?

Guatemalan president seems to be incompetent.

Trump should:

1. STOP all development aid to Guatemala and Honduras and El Salvador and Nicaragua immediately until they start controlling their people. Next stop should be cutting all money transfers by Guatemalan and Honduran and El Salvadoran and Nicaraguan people already in USA so NO money whatsoever to Guatemala and Honduras and El Salvador and Nicarague so there is no benefit for the countries to allow their people come to USA.

2. Trump should tell Mexico that unless Mexico stops this Caravan inside Mexico and returns these migrants either back home or keeps them in Mexico and gives them asylum in Mexico then USA will cancel the just negotiated trade treate and cancel NAFTA so Mexican president can explain to Mexican people why he caused an economic catastrophe for Mexico because he wanted to allow migrants use Mexico to get to USA.

This Caravan needs to be stopped BEFORE it gets to USA border because Sessions is an INCOMPETENT attorney general and has NOT stopped accepting ALL asylum requests at the US border and inside USA despite AG having that right according to US law.

France pepper sprays migrants trying to get to France on Italy-France border that try to cross, France REFUSES to take asylum applications at the border, France arrests all migrants that get from Italy to France and returns them back to Italy.

There is NO reason why USA does not act the same way with Mexico. Mexico is a safe country that does not persecute migrants so NOT ONE migrant should be allowed to pass through Mexico and come claim asylum at US border. Either Mexico stops them or Sessions has to start doing his job and use the US law that gives AG the right to stop taking asylum applications at the border and inside US from migrants.


Am I supposed to believe this caravan is a spontaneous self-organizing organism. Not reading much about who is organizing the trucks, food, money, and the spontaneous timing.


Because this will help the republicans, I assume this was all funded by Soros. The democrats haven't done anything right for years.