Catastrophic Destruction by Michael, Millions Without Power, Towns Destroyed

Hurricane Michael destroyed entire towns. The electric grid won’t need to be restored, it will need to be rebuilt.

Destruction for Miles and Miles

Mexico Beach

Search and Rescue Begins Amid Ruins of Florida Coast

Some people elected to ride the hurricane out.

That was not a good move. At least six are dead. More will come.

A Search and Rescue Effort Begins amid ruins of Florida Coast.

Search-and-rescue teams rushed on Thursday to reach communities that Hurricane Michael leveled, hoping to find survivors of the powerful storm after its rampage through the Florida Panhandle and beyond left buildings collapsed and splintered, hospitals damaged, roads and water systems compromised and more than a million homes and businesses without electricity.

Although it was clear by afternoon that the storm had caused widespread damage, some areas remained largely cut off, and the authorities were trying to deploy rescuers by helicopter and boat.

“This is a very dense part of the state, so it’s going to be a lot of work to get to everybody,” Gov. Rick Scott of Florida said. “But we will get to everybody.”

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Video of Destroyed Homes

Wow. So sad.

Mike "Mish"Shedlock

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Soon to be revised to 10,856 dead and Trump is entirely at fault - to be repeated 24/7 by the fake legacy media the week of the midterms


"That was not a good move. At least six are dead. More will come."


fed gonna need a bigger printing press and lots of em,between this puerto rico.Florence......start at a trillion (all borrowed/printed) and work thinks it's a perfect time for some fresh (overt)QE/Nirp October surprise!


Thanks for the update. The level of destruction is incredible and very sad. I hope the victims get the help they need.


My condolences. I hope that those affected get the help they need.

A. Kirillov
A. Kirillov

I wonder if there's a slight chance americans will pull back from our borders and get busy with their domestic affairs.