Corbyn's Second Referendum Bluff


US Mainstream media is gaga this evening over a desperate Brexit bluff by UK Labor Leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The Wall Street Journal reports U.K. Labour Party Would Back Second Brexit Referendum.

The U.K.’s main opposition Labour Party said it would support holding a second Brexit referendum, a policy shift that breathes some life into the prospect of Britons voting again on whether the U.K. should leave the European Union.

Actually it doesn't breathe life into anything as I will explain in a moment, but here is another article along the same lines.

The New York Times reports Labour Party Leader, Under Pressure, Backs a New Brexit Referendum

After the resignations of nine Labour Party members last week, and amid the prospect of more, the party’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn, dropped his longstanding resistance to a second vote on leaving the bloc.

Mr. Corbyn’s support for a new vote is certainly no guarantee a new vote will happen. Still, it will cheer pro-European Britons, who have been fighting to reverse the outcome of the 2016 referendum decision.

The Labour statement on Monday was lacking in detail, and it was not immediately clear when the amendment for a second vote would be put forward in Parliament and what question, exactly, it proposed to put to the people.

Bluff Under Pressure

The New York Times got the gist of the story in the headline. The key words were "under pressure".

Corbyn does not want a second referendum. He wants new elections. There are many in the Labour party that actually support Brexit.

He had to pick which group to alienate.

The primary risk at the moment is more MPs abandoning the Labour party. With polls turning back towards the Tories, that is hemorrhaging that Cprbyn had to stop.

He supports a second referendum for the simple reason he knows the votes are not there. But he gets to stand back and say, he gave it a shot.

The second referendum idea is going nowhere.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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very cool


I don't think it's a ploy. The simple fact is the key Western Countries no longer have functioning democracies. The elites simply can't accept the coming changes. It's quite serious.


Neither party has a bloc big enough to force a 2nd referendum alone, so the support will be bridged between the two major parties along with a bit of support from the minor ones. The first step will be to delay the exit at the end of March- first for 3 months, then for enough time to hold the second vote. May has been working towards this all along- she was always in the Remain faction, but had to make it look like she was negotiating an exit, but not one good enough to actually win a vote in Parliament. It has all, every single bit of it, been a charade done with the full cooperation of the EU negotiators.


As for the question- it will be a three way vote winner take all- Remain, No-deal exit, and May deal exit.