Crisis Struck 10 Years Ago: What's Changed?

The financial crisis and the massive federal response reshaped the world we live in. Or did it?

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting infographic series of 25 charts entitled 10 Years After the Crisis.

Here's eight of the 25.

Median Income Barely Up

Forget averages. The median is what counts most.

Real median wages fell in 7 out of the last 11 years! For details, please see Imaginary Wage-Inflation Conundrum.

My discussion pertains to "wages". The WSJ referred to "household income".

Public Debt Triples

The MMT crowd says "We owe it to ourselves".

Credit Rating Agencies

The guys that rated everything AAA in 2007 are still in charge of things.

Fannie Mae

They promised to unwind Fannie Mae. What happened?

More Ways To Invest

More ways to invest in fewer companies. Who can possibly find fault with that? The casino is open!

Revolving Doors Still Functioning

The revolving door concept still works.


Batting one out of a thousand is arguably better than expected.

Wealth Distribution Trends

Who couldda possibly thunk that might happen when you bail out the banks, lower interest rates to zero, foreclose on millions of homes, send no one to jail, and promote inflation?

No one could possibly have predicted this result.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock​

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10 year treasury was also above 5% in 2nd half 2007, late into that cycle. Despite being 9 yrs into this current cycle, we are only at 1.75 on the FF rate and 2.74% on the 10 yr T.


The government has its hands on 96% of the mortgage market, if it can even be called a “market”.


Warning of a debt burdened economy getting weaker. Mish my post was lost r deleted being careful as I can not to put words in your mouth.


‘The government has its hands on 96% of the mortgage market, if it can even be called a “market”.’

It can’t. It’s a racket. Pure and simple. No different from stocks, bonds, houses nor any other FIRE, legal and regulatory racket in that regard. Just another light obfuscation for excusing why it’s somehow OK for government to rob the productive, solely for the benefit of the idle connected. All while the latter prances around on generous, stolen welfare wearing Adam Smith pins. Too economically illiterate to even recognize the irony.