Criticism is easy, solutions not so much. Mish, I am still waiting for your solution to the problem of getting China to stop stealing American technology. That is one of the major parts of Donnie's trade negotiations with China, and probably the most difficult part.

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Mike Mish Shedlock
Mike Mish Shedlock


In regards to tariffs, I would not do a damn thing. If China wants to give us cheap stuff, we should welcome it.

Also note that the tariff battle is forcing China to compete with the US directly on high ends stuff, not just junk

A Twist in the U.S. Tariff Battle: ‘It’s Helping China Be More Competitive’ Companies are racing even faster toward more advanced manufacturing and products

As for stealing, it's interesting that companies still want to do business there. Why?

Companies are voluntarily doing business in China are they not? Is Trump supposed to protect businesses from themselves?


The correct thing to do is slash corporate taxes in the US, raise corporate taxes on profits outside the US and eliminate all tariffs. Businesses will flock to the US from everywhere globally.

Want "Made in the US": That's how

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