Driverless Truck Update: Next Phase “No Backup Driver” Hits Nevada Highways

Next Phase – No Backup Driver

Nevada was the first state to license driverless trucks. Until now, those trucks had a driver behind the wheel, ready to take over if something went wrong. According to one Mish reader, trucks are now on Nevada highways without any backup driver.

by Mish

Reader Randy reports …

Hello Mish
It looks like the testing of self-driving trucks has quietly moved into the next phase.
Driving across Nevada on I-80 last weekend, I passed a big rig. In the mirror I saw that there was no driver. The truck seemed to be following another big rig (with a driver-babysitter).
Until now, there has been an emergency driver on board the autonomous truck.

I cannot confirm this report, but it’s not surprising. As I have repeatedly sated, millions of long-haul trucking jobs will vanish by 2025.

Whether or not this story is confirmed, progress is happening even faster than I expected.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock