EU Agrees on Refugee Camps in Africa: One Problem, Africa Doesn't

A deal has been worked out at the last moment. Whether it satisfies CSU or is in accordance with rules is in debatable.

Via translation from SZ, EU States Agree to Tighten Asylum Policy.

  • After a 12-hour negotiation marathon, the member states agree to set up reception centers for boat refugees in the EU.
  • Italy had previously threatened with a blockade of summit decisions and demanded concessions from the other EU countries.
  • It is unclear whether the result achieved by Chancellor Merkel and her EU counterparts can point the way out of the bitter asylum dispute in Germany.
  • The partners also decide to extend the economic sanctions against Russia.

The member states agreed on refugee reception centers within the EU. Maritime rescued migrants should be "based on joint efforts" in voluntary "controlled centers" established by Member States, it said. It should check "with full EU support" whether it is "irregular migrants being returned" or those in need of protection. Asylum seekers will then apply the "principle of solitarity" among EU Member States, the summit stated. They could then enter other EU countries, but only if they agreed voluntarily. Which EU members are doing that is still unclear.

At the same time, according to the will of the EU states, mass transit camps are also to be established in North African states so that fewer migrants make their way illegally across the Mediterranean. However, the affected countries reject this so far.

Turkey receives another three billion euros from the EU to provide for refugees from Syria. After months of discussion, the heads of state and government agreed to finance the aid. According to this, two billion euros will be taken out of the Community budget. National budgets are expected to generate another billion.

The Wall Street Journal reports Euro Jumps After EU Leaders Reach Migration Deal.

“The details are fairly thin at the moment…but it seems that most parties are content with the deal and it’s averted a potential significant conflict in the EU.”

There are quite a few details. the WSJ simply did not have them.

Perhaps this buys Merkel time. I am not convinced.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Here's what the average EU reader will see in the news: "EU Agrees on Refugee Camps in Africa". It will keep them satisfied just reading the headline and will never know the real story.


This sounds like a fake out to me. The goal of the agreement seems to be to convince the masses that the refugees will be processed in Africa before being allowed to come to the EU. However, without any such camps in Africa, the refugees will just continue to sail out into the Mediterranean and get picked up by the NGOs who will then bring them to these reception ports. The vagueness of what happens then is deliberate since there was no actual agreement about what to do with them once they were in the port facility.


Merkel knows German demographics are awful. She needs headcount. Once there a while each will receive an EU passport and will be able to go anywhere in the EU. Eastern European nations won't be able to do anything except be against Europeans that look different, as each will have a passport, and then be vilified as rascist.

The masses fail to understand that the EU wants people as the demographics are heading off a cliff. Merkel at al know this. The dependency ratios will become weaker and weaker without a mass influx of heads.


Europe colonised. This is another form of it in reverse where they will give their hind teeth to get any qualified young person out of other countries into the EU. Syria, and many other places, will need theirpeople. How else will they develop?

If the EU cares they could help development that encourages Africa to become wealthier across the board and reduce the impetus to move. Instead they would rather have their tariffs to agriculture and take people in.

There is hypocriscy in this.

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They havent thought through the whole thing. Politicians everywhere are fighting the last war. Population reductions neednt be bad. However, look what Greece is doing in Macedonia to see the future of EU nation's and identity. Mass migration is part of this to reduce national identity and forge an EU one instead.