EU's 5-Point Migration Problem in a Nutshell

The migration problem in the EU is unsolvable. Competing political positions explain why.

Five-Point Synopsis

  1. Germany Merkel's CDU: Seek a consensus solution under existing EU rules.
  2. Germany Seehofer's CSU: Turn them back at the border (i.e. Send them back to Italy through Austria)
  3. Italy Five Star and the League: Change the "Dublin Rules" which state migrants must apply for asylum in the first country in which they land. Italy wants to distribute existing migrants throughout EU. It also supports "safe areas" in Africa.
  4. Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia: All refuse new migrants
  5. Austria: Austria's Prime Minister, Sebastian Kurz, wants quotas and "safe areas" in refugees' countries of origin. In a controversial twist, he said Brussels should organize it and "back it militarily."

There are other positions such as that of Barcelona's Mayor who openly welcomes migrants.

In contrast, Viktor Orban, Hungary’s prime minister, accuses migrants of destroying “Christian Europe”.

On July 1, Austria will take over the position of the Presidency of the EU Council. The position rotates every six months.

Austria's stated goals on March 1 included this item: The fight against illegal immigration by securing external borders.

Not Solvable!

Anyone who thinks this is solvable under existing EU rules is downright crazy. Heck, it is not solvable at all.

Yet, Merkel was foolish enough to ask CSU leader Horst Seehofer for two weeks to solve the problem.

Under German law, Seehofer has the right to implement policy in Bavaria. He threatened to "send them back". Also under German law, Merkel can fire Seehofer.

If she fires Seehofer, as I expect, it will be the end of the CDU-CSU coalition.

And by foolishly asking for time (and getting it), Merkel, not Seehofer, will take the blame.

Her own stubborn arrogance will have done her in.

Libertarian Position

Some readers suggest that open immigration is a Libertarian position. Indeed, it is. But free benefits are not.

We can condense the EU's unsolvable problem down to one statement: Open migration is not compatible with free education, free services, free lodging, etc.

I have some US friends who will disagree. But the US also has another barrier: oceans. The EU is reachable by land or the Mediterranean Sea.

Don't Downplay the US Role in This Mess

US warmongering policies in Libya, Syria, and Iraq kicked off the current wave of migrants into the EU.

It's easy (and correct) to blame Merkel, but few point to the US for its role in this madness.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

No. 1-15

And the problems in Africa are a result of changes after post colonial rule? and in Sub Saharan Africa the result of climate change? Of course the US is blameless, or the industrial revolution, or a culture of consumer product gratification, of course you should have everything you want, even at the expense of others, and you should be able to enjoy it without feeling guilt or a crippling sense of moral obligation which you buy off with a donation here or there. Perhaps when robots do all the work every Third world nation can join the party where no one is exploited to fuel the greed and aggrandizement of a few who we know are in no way exceptional other than privilege, because if they really were superior human forms they would have no qualms about herding these people about like cattle, for the same purposes. They would have no problem using these people shamelessly if they really were superior life forms, instead of pretending they are one of them. So you see the hypocrisy really stinks

  1. Let's not forget that Libya was done at France's behest. The US was the (willing) patsy, and the EU the driver.

  2. Very few of the people being trafficked from South Asia, the Middle East, North and Central Africa were displaced by war. The vast majority, including almost all Africans and Pakistanis, are simply freeloading young men unwanted in their own lands.


“US warmongering policies in Libya, Syria, and Iraq kicked off the current wave of migrants into the EU.”

Sorry, but I have to disagree. The current wave reaching Europe’s shores might be traveling through Libya to reach the Med coast but they are not Libyans. They are mostly economic migrants from sub-Saharan and central Africa. For some reason they have a desperate urge to reach the same countries who were their former “colonizing oppressors”.

As for Syria and Libya... these societies can’t seem to get their act together for whatever reason. I think it is quite a stretch to blame the US on their internal situation.