Expect a "Lost Decade", Stock Market Rout "Only Just a Start"

October has been a terrible month for equities. Yet, this is only a start of what's to come.

Decline Barely Started

Despite the rout, the S&P is just barely down for the year.

Expect a "Lost Decade"


The Shiller PE Ratio also known as "CAPE", the Cyclically Adjusted Price-Earnings Ratio, is in the stratosphere. It's not a timing mechanism, rather it's a warning mechanism.

The main idea is that earnings are mean reverting.

On that basis, stocks are more overvalued than any time other than the DotCom era.

But that is misleading. In 2000 there were many sectors that were extremely cheap. Energy was a standout buy then. So were retail and financials.

It's difficult to find any undervalued sectors now other than gold.

Financial Crisis Coming

At 1:40 AM (this morning), I posted Eight Reasons a Financial Crisis is Coming.

It's been about 10 years since the last financial crisis. FocusEconomics wants to know if another one is due. The short answer is yes.

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Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Once you hit a half a century on this big stone and seen a few cycles happen its always the same boom and bust cycles. Human psychology. Smart money is selling, all the signs of being at the latter end of the cycle are out there including much of the sentiment in these comments. For those investors here hedge well my friends.


Predict a crash every month for a decade and eventually you'll be correct.


"At 1:40 AM (this morning), I posted Eight Reasons a Financial Crisis is Coming."

Two days ago I responded why your 8 reasons are symptoms, and not the cause, to which you won't respond.

This current hogwash will also be proven wrong because, simply state, simple models like CAPE (with incomplete data) are always wrong. What may prove to be the lost decade is gold, whose religious-like BELIEVERS where sold the snake oil that gold would necessarily rise because of QE. What these believers (not traders) failed to understand is the world is much bigger than just the USA, and just because the banks got more-than-free-money does not mean there were credit-worthy borrowers or US entities that wanted to borrow (other than to buy back stock). Gold will rise again when confidence collapses, but it will likely take at least a decade to eclipse the 2011 high.

I will answer your THEORY about a lost decade for stocks with a simple question that has gone unanswered - where is the over $80 trillion in global investments going to go when the govt bond bubble officially pops?

Bonus questions 1: what asset class is big enough to absorb the flows and has less risk when the govt bond bubble pops (and actually has collateral)?

Bonus question 2: does the CAPE model, or any other model upon which you rely, comprehend the last time there was a sovereign debt crisis?


It was a lost 4 decades for gold stock owners, with the BGMI/XAU index beneath levels of even 1977. It could easily be a lost 4 decades for the Nasdaq bubble.


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