Expect the controversy over how much trade contributes to America's economic growth to be ramped up as growth slows. In many ways, trade should be seen as a way to increase access to a greater variety of goods at a better price but this only works over a long period of time if it is balanced.

The promise that increased trade will create new jobs has turned out to be largely a myth. Much of the "free trade" movement is driven by mega-companies desire for larger markets and greed. The article below questions the role of trade in our economy.

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Free trade in academic literature assumed the trade was 2-way. Each country specialized and ran a surplus in whatever good/service they had advantage in. Ergo, both countries benefited in that case.

Like many things, the utopia imagined in an academic research setting has very little to do with how the real world works. One way trade (or mostly one way) is only good for the net exporter

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