F the Wall

Trump promises a "beautiful wall". Better not be trapped on the other side. It's already happened.

Beautiful Wall

Trump says it will be a "beautiful wall", much prettier than barbed wire.

My big concern is government property seizures to build the wall.

Trapped On Wrong Side

Imagine being trapped on the wrong side of the wall.

Though the Loops' home is on US territory, it is located on the other side of the country's border fence. The family was essentially locked out of its own country when the fence was built a decade ago. ...

By the time the fire engine arrived there was nothing to save. But it was hardly the firefighters' fault: An 18-foot border fence had blocked their way.

We all stood in the yard, listening to the cries of farm animals burning alive.

This is what's left.

They cannot get insurance to build, because they are on the wrong side of the wall.

That's just one post. There are dozens of others.

Split Right Down the Middle

Please consider Trump’s border wall threatens to end Texas family’s 250 years of ranching on Rio Grande.

The most recent government letter arrived in an envelope marked “Urgent: Action Required,” so Fred Cavazos asked his family to meet at their usual gathering spot on the Rio Grande. He and three of his relatives crowded around an outdoor table as Fred, 69, opened the envelope and unfolded a large map in front of them. It showed a satellite image of the family’s land, 77 rural acres on the U.S. border where Fred had lived and worked all his life, but he had never seen the property rendered like this.

“Border Infrastructure Project,” the map read, and across its center was a red line that cut through the Cavazos family barn, through their rental house, and through a field where they grazed a small herd of longhorn cattle.

“This is where they want to put the wall,” Fred said, tracing his finger along the line. “They want to divide the property in half and cut us off from the river.”

“We’d lose the renters,” his sister said. “We’d lose the cattle without access to the river.” All of it,” Fred said. “Who wants to live on the other side of that wall? If this goes through, our property’s useless.”


Let's take ranchers' land and cut off access to water. No problem, it will be a beautiful wall.

Forget the Funding, Trump Needs the Land

The Hill reports Forget funding the wall, Trump needs the land first.

President Trump threatened to shutdown the government over funding for his border wall proposal. He thundered, “Build that wall…

Only about one-third of the land the wall would sit on is owned by the federal government or by Native American tribes. States and private property owners, especially along the Texas-Mexico border, own the rest.

Trump would have to engineer a monumental settlement with thousands of landowners who control thousands of acres of land along the border. Otherwise, the administration will have to face hundreds, if not thousands, of lengthy eminent domain disputes before anything is built across approximately 2,000 miles of the international border. Beyond the turf wars, the wall is sure to raise considerable litigation over environmental impacts.

If Trump can overcome the existing land obstructions, then his wall may rival the nation’s largest civil and military land acquisition projects in decades.

I Am Confused

OK, the wall will be beautiful, I get that. However, I might think otherwise if the government seized my land to build it.

It appears we have under-reported news of perfect security.

But if we have perfect security already, do we need a wall? Sorry, just asking.

No Need for Wall

Republicans had 8 years of Bush and 2 years of Trump to pass employer verification, to tighten EIC rules, to limit benefits, etc. etc etc.

Trump Vows "Very Long Government Shutdown"

Today Trump vows 'Very Long' Shutdown in border wall standoff.

Wall Defeated By Ladders

It's highly likely the billion dollar wall will be defeated by cheap ladders.

F the Wall

The irony in this madness is Trump brags that we have under-reported news of perfect security.

It's all too easy to sit back and endorse the wall as long as it's someone else's land, someone else's ranch cut in half, someone else's cattle that have no access to water, and someone else's house that gets burned down with no insurance.

Since this is how they are going to go about things, F the wall!

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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I don't care if we build the wall or not. I'm just sick of hearing about it. Both Trump and the dems are acting like 5 year olds.


Open the border both ways.

Mike Mish Shedlock
Mike Mish Shedlock


I did not care much either. I Simply thought it was a waste of money. However, I am now concerned about a land grab. Not acceptable.

This is the first time Twitter posted my direct reply to Trump.


I am disappointed in you Mish.

The border is NOT secure. There are illegal immigrants crossing all the time. There are even previously deported rapists and gang members crossing BACK into USA and only some are caught at the border.

Some migrants are dying of thirst when crossing the border in uninhabited places to avoid border patrol.

There is a little bit better border enforcement at the border but the WHOLE US-Mexico border needs a WALL.

The border enforcement can be stopped completely by the next president so a wall is the only solution that stops the flow of illegals permanently and stops the inhumane tragedies at the border with some migrants dying and the wall also stops previously deported criminals and gang members from returning.

The bureaucrats separating US land need to be FIRED and the border wall needs to be built on the border or very near the border and there needs to be a gate operated by the land owner for getting their cattle something to drink where the border is on the river.

The family whose home burned down behind the previously built part of border wall is a tragic case but there were many mistakes in that case:

1. The local firefighter department was not informed there was such a wall and that there was an US home behind that, the fire department should have had it clearly mapped out in their systems and there should have been a sign on the road pointing to the home.

2. The home owner should have opened the gate when his home caught fire so the fire department could get to it OR the fire department should have been given access codes to that gate previously.

Using such an individual tragedy to fight against a border wall is a shame.

Every rape, murder and assault committed by illegal immigrants and numerous drunk driving crashes caused by illegal immigrants resulting in death and maiming and permanent disability of Americans could have been PREVENTED if there was a wall.

To fight against a wall is to in effect say that one does NOT care that Americans are raped, murdered, assaulted and killed in drunk driving crashes by illegal immigrants.

On e-verify I agree with you, there needs to be a mandatory e-verify of all new and existing employees with heavy fines for companies that do not check that their employees are legally in USA.

Also ALL welfare and benefit payments and tax credits paid in cash to illegal immigrants need to be stopped so there is NO welfare magnet and there is NO jobs magnet pulling people into USA illegally.

Trump should have passed e-verify and benefits cuts to illegals in his first year but concentrated on stupid things and surrounded himself with INCOMPETENT ass-kissers telling Trump how great he is.

Trump is also afflicted by a syndrome that makes him brag all the time how something is the greatest ever and that is good if you are trying to sell luxury real estate but stops him from getting political results when he is surrounded by ass-kissers.


That wall was built 10 years ago?