Facebook: Zuckerberg's Pitiful Mannequin-Like Congressional Testimony

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress today. It was a pitiful performance even for a mannequin.

Tweets sum up the situation far better than any individual article.

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It's just some white dude.

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Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Data is handsomer.


A bunch of half literate tax feeders nor ambulance chasers will never, ever, in any number of billion years, be the appropriate way of dealing what one perceives as a problem of “data privacy.” Nor the appropriate way to deal with anything else, for that matter. But, I digress.

By knowing more about you, a service can better be tailored specifically to your preferences. AND, as long as that knowledge about you also has value to others, by selling it to those; the service can afford to charge you less, as well as invest more in becoming a better service to you. Resulting in, the ones that track and sell, WILL provide a “better” experience than the ones who don’t.

Unless you, yourself, specifically make choices reflecting your stated preference for keeping data about yourself private, instead of flocking to choices that are rendered slicker, more convenient, more personalized and cheaper specifically by disregarding privacy, you’ll continue to get more of the latter. Duh! It’s hardly Zuckerberg’s fault that most of the people that are not stuck in Ecuadorian embassies in practice don’t seem to mind divulging and sharing everything they do on Facebook. It’s not as it’s that hard to just not use Facebook at all.

For pretty good anonymity, download Tails, or any other similar stateless OS. If for no other reason, then in order to see how limiting decent anonymity currently is. You can then, with some effort, obtain an anonymous email address, some crypto currency, and use the latter to buy some online storage somewhere. Allowing you to maintain some state. Then, get a, or some, private keys, giving you the ability to have something like durable identities, not linkable to your physical person.

It’s currently all a bit of a pain, which is why the average slob don’t seem to care much. Preferring to just hand his bank accounts and medical journal to Facebook instead. So that Zuck can pay his bills and schedule his doctor visits. Which Zuck can afford to do for free; as long as someone else is willing to pay for the costs in exchange for using the data to target adds.

BUT, some measure of anonymity doesn’t have to be as much of a pain as it currently is. Being anonymous will always be harder, more complicated than not. Just as living in the wild, is harder and more complicated than showing up for feeding at the zoo at fixed hours. But the sheer lack of anyone even bothering to try, means there is precious little demand for products and services aimed at improving the experience, one babystep at a time.


I am actually flummoxed by the hype surrounding testifying before the senators as if it matters. It is nothing but a staged show! Nothing of substance ever happens. We have seen this play in 2009... the banksters came, answered vaguely and then they left.


Agreed killben... all for show on all sides. Doubtful anything of substance will come of this. No one will go to jail and the people that do this type of stuff will just get better at what they do in mining and using this information for their benefit... not ours.