Ford Will Slash 7,000 Jobs, Refocus on Pickup Trucks, Vans


Ford announced 7,000 salaried layoffs, only 800 in the US. But that is on top of 1,500 buyouts.

In another sign of troubling auto sector news, Ford Announces Restructuring Plan to Eliminate 7,000 Jobs.

Ford Motor Co. said it is cutting 7,000 salaried employees, or about 10% of its white-collar workforce, as part of Chief Executive Jim Hackett’s broader plan to revitalize the auto maker.

In an email sent to employees Monday, Mr. Hackett said the cuts include some buyouts and layoffs that already have occurred, and the process will be completed by August. The cuts will save about $600 million annually and are part of a broader, multiyear restructuring that will result in about $11 billion in charges.

The reductions will include 800 layoffs in North America, where Ford already has made about 1,500 voluntary buyouts, a company spokesman said.

US and European Changes

  • Europe: Ford will shrink operations in Europe and South America by moving away from traditional retail car buyers to focus on sales of vans and trucks to commercial customers.
  • US: Ford will phase out car lines like the once-popular Fusion family car. It will add more-lucrative pickup truck and sport-utility vehicles, like a new Bronco rugged SUV slated to go on sale next year.

Does Everybody Want Trucks and Vans?

Millennials are not buying much of anything, at least compared to their boomer parents. And I keep wondering when the boomer love affair with trucks and huge SUVs ends.

A major stock market decline perhaps? Or will it take a boomer die off?

The latter is not too far off, at an accelerating pace.

Also on deck are self-driving vehicles that will reduce the need for cars in large cities altogether.

The two huge drivers going forward are massive demographic changes coupled with huge shifts on the role of cars and how those cars function.

In 10 years, neither Ford nor GM will look like they do today.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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It's just a reversal of the Ford policy of a century ago. Back then, Ford paid those building the cars well enough to buy them. Hence contributing to massively growing the market for its own output. Now that those who produce things have been safely corralled back on the plantations again, there's just not nearly the same market for passenger cars anymore. So, just as before Ford, a few coachbuilt one-offs a la Ford GT, for those on the Fed's payroll; and commercial vans and buses to ferry the rest back and forth to the quarries, cotton fields, servant's quarters and bordellos.


And I keep wondering when the boomer love affair with trucks and huge SUVs ends.

Once gas hits 'unaffordable' . . . we say that people could save if they just bought less lattes . . . they would save even more if they didn't commute singly in vehicles that get 25 mi/gal or less. Expensive to buy, expensive to fill, expensive to maintain.


Henry ford had a mass production planned obsolescence philosophy. Planned obsolescence is fraud. His philosophy cannot compete with the high quality long service life philosophy of many competitors outside of Detroit. I guarantee I would not purchase a Ford truck. Ford can buck up their philosophy or go out of business. I see they made their choice. Sell the stock.


We stopped buying American cars in the 1980s. Of course the ones we buy are produced in America. The engines are just from Japan or Korea or Europe. Ford and GM and China trade issues will trigger a recession in the midwest. This wont be felt on the coasts but it will flip the White House in 2020 to Biden. You heard it here first.


Slap 50% Tariffs on GM and Fiat Chrysler. That will preserve Fords inefficiencies, and profits will result,,,,,,you see?