"Free Stuff" Grand Prize Leader Kamala Harris Ahead of Bernie Sanders and Warren

Kamela Harris is currently in first place in the "Free Stuff" giveaway contest.

Never before have so many politicians promised to spend so much. Among some candidates, the 2020 presidential campaign has turned into a contest to see who can offer the most “free stuff.”

John Stossel, the official arbiter of the much coveted "Free Stuff Blue Ribbon" has Kamala Harris currently in the lead.

So far, Harris is the only candidate topping the $4 trillion mark.

But it's a close race and the numbers are guaranteed to go up. Bernie Sanders is in second place at $3.976 trillion. Elizabeth Warren is a close third at $3.806 trillion.

"Sleepy" Joe Biden is not even in the race. He only seeks an additional $297 billion, not much more than Trump at $267 billion.

The top three, Harris, Sanders, and Warren are duking it out.

Las Vegas odds makers have Sanders and Warren at 4-1 with Harris at 5-1 despite Harris' front runner status. The over-under line is currently $5.3 trillion.

I confess. I made that last paragraph up.

Bookies, are you out there?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Free healthcare for illegal immigrants? Reparations? Universal basic income? Student debt forgiveness?

But wait...who is supposed to pay for all this free stuff? *it's YOU...you silly taxpaying debtslave!

Country Bob
Country Bob

Its all garbage socialism. The dems have essentially conceded 2020 presidential race already, Trump gets a second term by default.

The USA cannot (is not able to) pay for all the promises already on the books.

Lots of Californians (extremely liberal, did not vote for Trump) and NYC (extremely liberal, did not vote for Trump) have discovered the true costs of all this socialism and they are rebelling or fleeing from their socialist paradise.

Despite having a solid democrat government at the state and local levels, California is known for rampant homelessness, disease, rat infestations, municipalities not paying their bills... and hospitals that are completely overwhelmed every day of every week.

NYC mayor Deblasio is so hated that his own staff told him not to attempt running for president, he would just embarass himself... they were right. Former mayor bloomberg was a democrat most of his life, switched to republican as an election gimmick, governed as a socialist -- and his staffers told him not to run either.

Trump may not be the greatest whatever that he thinks he is (and his free stuff interest rate plan is counter-productive) -- but the incumbent has an advantage even if there was worthy competition. In this case, the dems don't even have a feasible idea never mind an appealing one.


Does it add in other people's money they give away without it passing through the government first, such as a $15 minimum wage and rent control?


A crushing overwhelming Trump landslide is coming in 2020.

The craziness with the democrats has only just begun.


Like all true 3rd world ,bankrupt banana republic's,you have a problem,just print more cash…..problem solved and lets face it,the economy can't really get much crappier than it is right now,so why not go all in or should I say burm in!