From Julian Borger Washington
The US has been appealing to its allies for help in obtaining medical supplies to overcome critical shortages in its fight against coronavirus.

In his public rhetoric Donald Trump has been talking up the domestic private sector response to the crisis. “We should never be reliant on a foreign country for the means of our own survival,” Trump said at a White House briefing on Tuesday evening. “America will never be a supplicant nation.”

However behind the scenes, the administration has approached European and Asian partners to secure supplies of testing kits and other medical equipment that are in desperately short supply in the US.

On Tuesday, Trump spoke by phone with the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, asking if his country could supply medical equipment.

Trump praised the South Korean testing programme, which has helped contain the outbreak there. Moon told Trump that he would support South Korean exports of critical supplies to the US “if there is a domestic surplus”.

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Globalization is a bad thing when you are reliant primarily on supply chains in other countries. In an emergency like this, the producing countries will cut off supplies for themselves.

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Hopefully we will learn from this and make sure at least these supplies are in stockpile and domestically produced in preparation for future events. Ditto for drugs and hopefully we will begin moving as much of our offshore production to friendlier locations or here if possible. China needs to be held accountable for their threats of withholding drugs to the US and lying/covering up the initial outbreak exposing the world to this deadly pandemic. Not even to mention the implications that this was an accidental bioweapons release from the Wuhan research lab. If they had been forthcoming about this initially, whether it was man made or natural, there backlash against them would have been more forgiving I believe. Anyway the only way to hold these malevolent bastards accountable is to hurt them where it is felt most via trying to destroy their economy.

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