From Washington Post President Trump said Tuesday that he wants to end the restrictions by Easter — April 12 — and continued to play down the dangers of the pandemic, even as experts warned of a worsening crisis. Trump said on Fox News that he would love to see “packed churches all over our country" on Easter Sunday. Before the president called for a re-opening of the economy, six of his top seven revenue-producing clubs were shut down.

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I sure that was his primary motivation in mentioning that. Geez you TDS'er are disgusting. How about making comments without the extra anti Trump annotation? Get some help it doesn't make any of this better. Our governor in MI extended the shelter in place order until the day after Easter, probably to avoid the large gathering of the Easter holiday. Trump is more motivated by trying to keep hopes up and talking up the economy to minimize its potential devastation. He definitely needs to think about things before he blurts out this stuff no doubt.

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