"Heading for Stagflation" says Peter Schiff: I Challenge Schiff to a Debate


Peter Schiff predicts stagflation. I suggest another round of deflation is on the way and challenge him to a debate.

Stagflation Prediction


I suggest deflation.

Asset bubble bursting events are inherently deflationary.

Of course, we need to define inflation, deflation, and stagflation with a look at how the real economy actually functions.

Debate Challenge

Lance Roberts at Real Investment Advice agreed to sponsor a debate. I have alternates if that won't work.

Given we agree on many things, it does not have to be a heated exchange.

Schiff and I agree free markets and on gold. We both see the current monetary inflation.

There is no need for this to be personal, and won't be if we stick to the topic at hand.

What's Coming and Why?

I am confident about my reasons.

How confident is Schiff?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Tony Bennett
Tony Bennett

Why bother?

Schiff has been consistently wrong on $US and Treasury market.

Disinflation/deflation on tap until debt overhang addressed.


You’re both wrong. I expect slow growth and low inflation. Slogflation.

Much like the last 10 years; only slower. Slogflation!


Stagflation is a misnomer. It means high inflation, and stagnant real GDP. With the stati-stink office calculating the inflation, I trust there will always be growth.


I was in the deflation camp after the GFC, and was surprised by the inflation in assets like bonds, stocks, pick-up trucks, and real estate. In hindsight, courtesy of the Bernanke. I just bought Tips, and paper gold because I think inflation will now begin to show in the CPI, especially food.


Would be an awesome debate...I agree with Schiff about stagflation. I think the Fed and lawmakers will have no choice but to paper over the coming pension crisis. We will be like Japan although our demographics are better. Debt overhang will continue to cause sluggish growth at best and the FED and lawmakers will do anything and everything to keep asset prices elevated and appreciating