Hello Google Chrome: What the Hell Happened to Autoplay Ad Blocks?

What happened to Google Chrome blocking videos, autoplay ads, and other obnoxious practices?

Reader Brian just sent this Email:


I know this drives you nuts, too. What happened to Google Chrome blocking videos, ads etc.? They made all of this noise about Chrome now blocking obtrusive videos and advertisements. That seemed to be in effect for maybe 60 days. Now Chrome will play anything. Any obnoxious, dumb ass video that you CANNOT STOP, whether on desktop or the browser. I have searched around on what happened with the change to no avail, for at least a month. Did they reverse the change? What happened?



Worse Than Ever

Things are worse than ever before. A number of websites not only have auto-play ads, but you cannot even stop the damn videos until the ad plays.

I was thinking about this yesterday before Brian wrote. And this morning when I got up, my computer was plying two audios at once.

One trick that I have seen a lot of lately (and the one that struck this morning) is the "delayed attack". After some period of time an autoplay video ad kicks in. I often have 50 links open at a time than have to go hunting around for the one causing the problem.

Why so many links open?

Many times I refer to several articles in one post. I accumulate as many a eight articles on a topic and narrow down when I start a post.

Flashback December 19, 2017

On December 19, 2017 I wrote Google Targets Bloomberg's Autoplay Ads: Hooray!

Update on Better Ads

Google gave us this Update on Better Ads.

Google's announcement stems from the Coalition for Better Ads report on Least Preferred Ad Experiences for Desktop and Mobile Web.

Chrome Changes You Try Yourself

When investigating Google's cop-out today I came across a list of things you can do yourself from within Chrome, not requiring ad-blockers.

I just made these setting changes but have not tried them.

To make the above changes, cut and paste this into your browser: chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy

Meanwhile ....

Hello Google!

You promised to fix this. Things are now worse than ever.

What the hell is going on?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Use uBlock Origin. I use it to block all the obnoxious ads and trackers on this site too.


I use Firefox, and I use it in combination with Adblock Plus (blocks ads), Ghostery (blocks tracking), and No Script (blocks java). I whitelist some sites from Adblock Plus, including this one. I whitelist only a few from Ghostery. I block java in general, and allow it from selected sites, but never from known advertisers. This does mean that a lot of sites don't work, though if I care, I can usually make them work satisfactorily. It does mean that I don't get many ads, and I never, every have videos play. I also keep sound off. That means that if I actually (unlikely) want to see a video, I have to turn the sound on, and have to temporarily allow enough java to permit it.

As a fringe benefit, I get some added immunity to drive-by viruses.

Mike Mish Shedlock
Mike Mish Shedlock


I tried NoScript and it killed some sites I needed. Don't remember which ones but I think it was data feeds from BLS, BEA, etc


I use noscript and temporarily enable he obvious things until the site works (occasionally permanently enabling them if they are from known sites). But that is under PaleMoon. Firefox or IE can use AdBlockPlus (disable "some nonintrusive ads"), or uBlock, or Ghostery or others. The "Brave" browser blocks ads by default. PaleMoon has similar ad-blockers and is basically a firefox fork. Chrome? So you want every intimate detail of your life and all your passwords sent to Google?


for desktop chrome, AdBlock is great for blocking specific elements on pages i frequent and uMatrix blocks nearly everything else which often requires temporary or permanent whitelisting to "see" what you want.

on android chrome, i use dns66 which works on non-rooted devices as long as chrome doesn't break it (which it did recently so i stopped updating chrome on android...)