Hello Remainers: 54% Say the Prime Minister Should Deliver Brexit by Any Means


A new Comres poll shows 54% support Brexit by any means, even suspending Parliament, if necessary.

A tipping point has been reached. UK citizens are so sick of Brexit delays they just want Prime Minister Boris Johnson to get it over with.

The Telegraph reports Boris Johnson has Public's Support to Shut Down Parliament to Get Brexit Over the Line.

The ComRes survey for The Telegraph found that 54 per cent of British adults think Parliament should be prorogued to prevent MPs stopping a no-deal Brexit.

The poll suggested the Prime Minister is more in tune with the public’s views on Brexit than MPs, following his promise to deliver Brexit by October 31 “do or die”.

Parliament vs Boris Johnson

The new poll revealed that, should MPs act to attempt to block Brexit, they may not have the support of voters. Asked whether they thought Parliament was more in tune with the public than Mr Johnson, 62 per cent disagreed.

Nine in 10 of those asked said Parliament was out of touch with the public (88 per cent), while 89 per cent believed most MPs were ignoring the wishes of voters to pursue their own agenda on Brexit. The public also overwhelmingly rejected the idea of the Queen being dragged into Brexit after John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, threatened to send Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, to Buckingham Palace “in a cab” to tell the 93-year-old monarch the Opposition was “taking over” if Mr Johnson were to lose a vote of no confidence but refused to resign.

Asked if the Queen should remain above politics and refuse to get involved in Brexit, 77 per cent said yes and 23 per cent said no.

Lesson of the Day

I take these polls with a grain of salt. Yet, the results are hardly shocking.

People are sick of Brexit dominating every facet of their lives for three years.

They want this mess over.

People's Vote Madness

There is no support for a people's referendum.

Nor is there any agreement on how to word a People's Vote, nor any reason to believe the EU would wait months to organize such a vote.

MPs take note. Tories who vote against the government or the will of their constituencies will be voted out of office. Many Labour voters want Brexit as well.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Gee, maybe if we had ANOTHER people's referendum, the Remainers might get it ... yes, I tasted a little vomit as I typed that.

The Remainers are attempting to wring Brexit through the EU washing machine, in which you keep the people voting until they vote correctly, and, failing to achieve that outcome, the national assembly or parliament steps in to vote correctly on their behalf.

No. 1-11

The actual figures are 44% for the proposition, 37% against and 19% don't know. It is a long time since anyone could trust the Telegraph to be impartial.


It's like waiting for a mystery banquet to begin. What's really under those silver domes?

The best of meals? The worst?

But we've waited for so long....impatience overwhelms caution.

But it'll be a long banquet with many courses to come.


It's about time Brexit was delivered. Leave voters outvoted stay voters by a majority of 3.8 per cent. This was a bigger margin of victory than in nine of the 20 post-war general elections: 1950, 1951, 1955, 1964, 1970, February 1974, October 1974, 2005 and 2017. Were those nine elections not decisive? In a democracy, the majority gets its way.


Mish, who constantly whines about accuracy in economic reporting, conveniently cites a strongly biased poll. Only 44% of responders agreed with the very leading question. The results, as published and now touted by biased, ignorant voices, are 44% in favor, 37% who disagree and 19% who don't know.

It is likely that the audience itself was not random or that those responding simply don't understand what "suspending parliament" means. The British do not support a No Deal Brexit with any majority. Those who understand the process are heavily in favor of no Brexit without a deal of some sort.

But, hey, don't let your bias get in the way of commenting on a country and a process about which most of you know little.



The key point in this is the harsh way it was worded. By ANY Means.

Many of those who were undecided would likely have said yes without that extra sentence giving them grounds for pause.


Expat says the first referendum was deeply flawed. This is what was actually promised before the referendum by the then Prime Minister, David CAMERON, in 2015:

"And ultimately it will be the judgment of the British people in the referendum that I promised and that I will deliver. You will have to judge what is best for you and your family, for your children and grandchildren, for our country, for our future. It will be your decision whether to remain in the EU on the basis of the reforms we secure, or whether we leave. Your decision. Nobody else’s. Not politicians’. Not Parliament’s. Not lobby groups’. Not mine. Just you.

You, the British people, will decide. At that moment, you will hold this country’s destiny in your hands. This is a huge decision for our country, perhaps the biggest we will make in our lifetimes. And it will be the final decision.

So to those who suggest that a decision in the referendum to leave… …would merely produce another stronger renegotiation and then a second referendum in which Britain would stay… …I say think again. The renegotiation is happening right now. And the referendum that follows will be a once in a generation choice. An in or out referendum. When the British people speak, their voice will be respected – not ignored. If we vote to leave, then we will leave. There will not be another renegotiation and another referendum.”

Cameron campaigned for Remain.


The UK public will likely be treated to a different news cycle shortly -- perhaps they will be longing for the old one.

What remains true is that the British people and government remain deeply divided about the future course. As I have stated more often, I expect the centripetal forces within the UK and UK society to increase significantly, competing in strength with those at work in the EU itself.


Remainers have thrown one obstacle after another in the way of Brexit hoping that with time the exit side would agree to a revote. They never negotiated in good faith, instead just the opposite, the worse they could make it seem the likelier they were to get the Brexit vote tossed and a new vote to stop it. Now they are 10 weeks from the day the UK will be out of the EU and they are panicking because 10 weeks is not enough time to prepare. And having gone in for a penny they now plan to go in for a pound, they will make the transition so bad, so hard, that they can go on the evening news every day to say "We told you so." See how bad it is?

It is going to be rough in some ways, but it need not have been had they been acting like adults and simply accepted the will of the voters.

I say this all the time, I am an Irish/EU citizen and have lived there, the EU is an evil invention that should crumble into the dust of history and the sooner the better. The common market was a good thing mostly, and so was Schengen, but the open borders allowing millions of ECONOMIC refugees in is a disaster unparalleled in Europe's history, well nearly, WWI and II and the Holocaust have not slipped my mind, but, this could very well lead to WWIII and another Holocaust.

You cannot have a modern democracy based upon fake news, the religion of ACC (Anthropogenic Climate Change) false money and economics, with 27 parliamentary nations all clamoring for more welfare. Speaking of parliamentary government, the attempts by the remainers in Britain are a perfect example of the fraud and failure of that type of "democracy." People do not get to vote for any person who represents a given set of positions, they can only vote for a party that has shifting loyalties and does compromising deals with other parties full of shifted loyalty. As bad as our two party system may seem at times, it provides more stability and far fewer chances that a corrupt and unfaithful politician can sell out his constituents.


The Leave campaign made a series of false promises including several outright lies. For example, Leave promised £350 million pounds a week that would be spent on the NHS. This was a lie for two reasons: first, the sum is wrong; second, there is no agreement and never was one to increase NHS spending by that amount. Leavers promised that Britain would quickly and easily negotiate a free trade agreement with the EU, essentially getting all the benefits of leaving with no reciprocal obligations; this is plain old bullshit. Leavers said that Britain could negotiate trade agreements immediately after the vote, but this is also wrong since the EU treaty prohibits it; any trade agreements must be negotiated after,though the EU did relax this rule. In reality, no trade agreements have been negotiated because no one knows what Brexit will look like or when it will take place.

Leavers were promised that they could quit the EU and save £20 billion a year. In reality, the net payments to the EU are about £10 billion but this does not include research grants and sharing of research with the EU.

Leavers claimed that Brits living on the Continent would be free to live and work there while all the horrible, nasty foreigners would be sent home. Another lie.

And, of course, the City would keep its position in Europe, cheerfully laundering billions of dollars a year with full and free access to European markets. This is also false.

Britain would regain full control of its borders (i.e. keeping out all those horrible brown people including those from the Commonwealth despite those immigration rules being British, not EU. But the Irish border would remain magically open because Britain knows it can't afford to close it. LOL.

So, go ahead and talk about "how the people have spoken and how Remainers are whining and making stuff up." The truth is that Leavers got the vote by running a campaign built on lies.

Do any of the Leavers here have the slightest clue about Northern Ireland and the peace agreements that have stopped the Troubles? Apparently not. If the border is closed, bombs won't be going off in Brussels since the Troubles were caused by Britain, not by the EU.

Britain has always had one foot out of the EU as the country clung to the mythology of the British Empire and the Special Relationship with the US. Most Europeans are fed up and want Britain to shit or get off the pot; if Britain leaves it will cause some problems here, but nothing like the problems it will cause in Britain. And the EU problems will be absorbed by the EU while Britain, forced into a recession by this xenophobic nightmare of a referendum, will face them on its own...unless any Trumpturds out there want America to send $20 billion to Britain. No? I thought not.


As I posted elsewhere, there's no point having a referendum when people are split along three lines:

  • remain
  • leave with a deal
  • leave without a deal

If only two options were on the ballot, the vote would be meaningless.

If all three options were up for a vote, none would achieve a majority, so the result would be meaningless.

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