Huffington Post Writer Emily Peck Writes Sleazy Article, Brags About Success

Emily Peck wrote sensationalist posts involving Kavanaugh. The info is second-hand and doesn't even implicate Kavanaugh.

No only did Peck write a sleazy article, but it was replicated at least twice. Here are some screen captures.

Huffington Post Sleaze Reporting

NBC Sleaze Reporting

Guardian Sleaze Reporting

What's Sleazy About This?

Let's investigate Peck's article: Brett Kavanaugh Liked Female Clerks Who Looked A ‘Certain Way,’ Yale Student Was Told.

Subtitle: Yale professor and “Tiger Mom” Amy Chua, who’s a Kavanaugh cheerleader, told the young woman to look “outgoing.”

> It’s “not an accident” that Kavanaugh’s law clerks “look like models,” Chua said, according to an account published in The Guardian on Thursday.

After you wade through a bunch of sensationalist garbage that makes it appear as if Kavanaugh himself demanded women "look a certain way", we discover the truth.

> “For the more than ten years I’ve known him, Judge Kavanaugh’s first and only litmus test in hiring has been excellence,” Chua told HuffPost in a response to a request for comment from both professors. The statement was sent from a hospital where Chua has been confined with an undisclosed serious illness.

Bear in mind no one ever accused Kavanaugh. Neither the Huffington Post, nor the Guardian, nor NBC, made such an accusation.

Peck further states "Travis Lenkner, who clerked for Kavanaugh in 2007 and 2008, said the idea that Kavanaugh had a certain look in mind for female clerks is absurd."

> “There’s only one ‘look’ that is a requirement in Judge Kavanaugh’s chambers for men and women,” he said. “And that is that a suit is required every day. It’s a formal chambers in a formal courthouse.”

> “Otherwise, the racial, ethnic and ideological diversity of his clerks is unmatched in the entire federal judiciary, including the diversity of his Yale clerks recommended by professor Chua,” Lenkner said.

Headline vs. Reality

One has to get to the end of the article to see that the report has nothing at all to do with Kavanaugh, but rather “Tiger Mom” Amy Chua a person who screened Kavanaugh appointees.

Sleazy Headlines

That did not stop the Huffiungton Post, NBC, or the Guardian from posting wildly sleazy headline.

Icing On the Sleazy Cake

Just moments ago, Peck provided the icing on her sleazy cake with this Tweet.

Even Sleazier Follow-Up

By all means, please read Peck to see more sleazy reporting: Brett Kavanaugh Controversy Rocks Yale Law School

In that even-sleazier follow-up, co-authored by Paul Blumenthal, there was no mention whatsoever of the rebuttals in Peck's first article.

The articles implicate “Tiger Mom” Amy Chua, not Kavanaugh.

The story headlines imply something completely different.

Ed Whelan Follow-Up

Ed Whelan removed his series of Tweets that strongly suggest Kavanaugh was innocent. Whelan even apologized because he inadvertently exposed a classmate of Kavanaugh.

Yes, he could have and should have sent this to the committee. But as long as he is correct, he has nothing to apologize for. Either way, I believe this was a great piece of investigative reporting.

The Slate asks Is Ed Whelan’s Conspiracy the Best the GOP Has?

Actually, to anyone that has an ounce of integrity, it's a quite compelling story. But never expect that from the Slate, the Guardian, or the Huffington Post.

Overwhelming Evidence of Mistaken Identity

Whelan deleted the Tweets, but I captured them here in text form and images: Kavanaugh: Overwhelming Evidence of Mistaken Identity

One strong reason to believe Wehlan was correct is there have been no denials by the person Whelan cited. Perhaps the lawsuits come, but if not, Whelan nailed the story.

Meanwhile, the sleaze piles up.

Pyrrhic Victory

The unfortunate irony in this sad saga is the Trump's next nominee (if Kavanaugh is outed), will be someone far less likely than Kavanaugh to support women's right.

My prediction: Kavanaugh approved in 50-50 vote with vice-president Pence casting the deciding vote.

If not, expect someone far less open to right-to-choose.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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This is the upper limits of the level of discourse progressive "minds" are capable of partaking in. Hence, to them, this is important stuff. Like getting treats for rolling around on the ground.


@Stuki well said - this alt left /radicalized liberal movement is manifesting dangerous precedents. Their "ends justify the means" behavior breaches all sense of civility. Many lives, companies, institutions are being slowly dismantled and ruined by media conjecture. Not sure if Mish's logic can prevail over this ingrained mindset.


You just discovered Huffington Post. Yea they write non-sene like this. So does Breitbart and Daily Caller. This is not proof of a media conspiracy but proof that we have websites that foster tribalism in the media. This has been going on for some time.


The media is a ser of private, for profit organizations. If sleazy headlines and reporting at the expense of truth and nation maximize click-throughs and shareholder value, well then, by God, that's America at its best.


Is one picture, like they say, "worth a thousand words"???