Hypocrite Theresa May in Bed With the EU While Chastising the UK Parliament

Theresa May chastised the UK parliament to "listen to constituents." She should do just that, herself.

The Prime Minister said in her recent statement to Parliament that MPs in the House of Commons had a “duty to listen to their constituents before taking a decision in the national interest”.

What an excellent idea!

The first question asked: “Whether or not you agree that the only options open to the UK now are Theresa May’s deal, no deal or no Brexit, out of those options only, which would you prefer as the outcome for Britain’s negotiations with the EU?” The responses were 25% for Theresa May’s deal; 32% for No Deal 32%, and 41% for No Brexit with the UK staying in the EU, with 3% Don’t Knows.

<When next asked to choose between Theresa May’s Deal or No Deal – and No Brexit– the responses hardened, delivering 57% for Leaving deal or no deal and 41% for No Brexit, with again 3% Don’t Knows.

Bottom Line

  • Only 41% favored staying in the EU.
  • Only 25% favored Theresa May's plan.
  • Only 32% favored hard Brexit.

Clearly, those polled do not want to stay in the EU. But they also do not like May's plan.

Some Labour and some Tory MPs want a Norway or Canada option but the poll did not allow that.

Why? May ruled it out.

Binary Options

Theresa May has ruled out any plan B involving a Norway-style compromise deal with the Labour party in order to deliver a parliamentary consensus on Brexit, saying the opposition party’s refusal to accept the backstop arrangement put the UK on a course for no deal.

Influential backbenchers, including former Tory minister Nick Boles and Labour’s Stephen Kinnock, have been developing a compromise proposal based on membership of the European Economic Area plus a negotiated customs union, believing it is the only version of Brexit that could attract enough Labour and Tory votes to deliver a parliamentary majority.

Some cabinet ministers are understood to be attracted to the plans as an alternative if May’s negotiated deal fails to pass the House of Commons.

In Bed with the EU

Meanwhile it is clear May has been in bed, politically speaking, with the EU. They both press for the same binary option. "No changes" to the deal.

Hypocrite of First Magnitude

May accuses Labour of doing anything to force another election.

Meanwhile, she is willing to screw her own constituents while hopping in bed with Michel Barnier and the EU to not have one.

Is there a practical difference?

Rotten Kettle of Fish

May tells the House of Commons they have a “duty to listen to their constituents before taking a decision in the national interest”.

This deal is such a rotten kettle of fish that even the public sees clearly sees it.

What an amazing hypocrite.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

No. 1-9

Worst of all, the "no changes" option apparently only applies to the UK. France wants changes already.

Having read the discussion below, I'm not in the UK or British either. However, I find Brexit very interesting because the people spoke in a referendum opposed by most of the political elite and it remains to be seen if their will is carried out. Brexit is a litmus test for democracy generally and I wonder if the UK will pass that test. I like these posts.


Hi Sunny129,

 You are correct.  The laws that do exist are not enforced.  There is lawlessness on an enormous scale.  It is unfathomable.  Government officials no longer even pretend to act in the interest of the people or even in the best interest of the bureaucracy that employs them.  And that is why I believe there are interests involved that respect no national allegiance,  and are working to the detriment of us all.  

In a three-way choice with no majority, people can be against all three alternatives. I don't see a poll that forces people to choose between May Brexit and hard Brexit.


Rational immigration law?

Start prosecuting the Employers employiong ILLEGALS with fine and jail time, FIRST! How many employers have been fined/jail time? Almost NONE!

Hypocrisy is written all over this kind of argument! No jobs = No Illegals!


I have been following Brexit saga through many blogs. Each of the factions involved have their own agenda. Unfortunately every one of them want to have the 'cake and eat it too' ! this is manifested through all the revised statements from each party buy alas all of them clueless about the reality!