I used to be a great fan of Blacklisted News. Recently, however, I have noticed a distinctive Liberal slant to headlines. it is no coincidence that Liberal contains the words lie, and libal. Lib's spout lies, slander, and mud profusely, while spewing propaganda promoting their utopian belief in a Satanic world order. You DARE accuse Trump of lies and innuendo??!!? And you say nothing regarding the lies and innuendo of Iran? How many times have you kissed Soros' buttocks? You are deceived. You are consorting with the enemy. And you will NEVER understand exactly how Trump won your rigged election. You burn with hatred for all that is truth. And your hatred will be your downfall. There IS a God. And He is Conservative, Christian, and patriotic towards Israel and America. You have declared war against God. Be prepared to meet your maker in battle.

No. 1-1

Hey calm down. Mish seems more libertarian. I don't agree with him on everything but I get the impression he leans more conservative. Trump is a paradox. He is kind of an irritating clusterfuck but at the same time has some very good ideas. Some of his actions are a bit perplexing at times but I never get the impression Mish is a liberal at all just because he disagrees with Trump.