Illinois Law Would Ban Landlords from Reporting Illegal Alien Tenants


Under a proposed Illinois law, it will be a crime to report certain crimes. There are ways around this insanity.

State Sen. Christina Castro introduced a bill last session to prevent illegal alien reporting. It passed both houses but was vetoed by Rauner.

Rauner rightly concluded that such a bill would violate federal laws. I believe it would be unconstitutional to boot.

With a new governor Castro is back at it.

Please consider Illinois Legislation Would Ban Landlords from Reporting Tenants to Immigration Officials.

“This bill is to allow our immigrant communities to feel safe and not retaliated against based on what their immigration status is,” she said.

Sen. Dale Righter, R-Mattoon, said the bill entirely blocks landlords from reporting illegal immigrants to the authorities.

“You are telling your landlords ‘no, you can’t say a word to anyone in law enforcement about that individual,'” he said. “Is there any other area that you can think of in state policy where you would so tie a landlord’s hands?”

The bill now awaits House consideration.

California has a law that prohibits landlords from asking tenants about their immigration status. There’s an effort in Washington D.C. to charge a landlord guilty of reporting a tenant to immigration with felony extortion.

Making It a Felony to Report a Crime

Illegal aliens are here illegally, by definition.

In the twisted minds of Democrats, it is "discrimination" to report crimes to authorities.

In Illinois, Castro’s bill would allow a tenant to sue the landlord for up to $2,000 in civil court.

The Illinois law has little bite. For starters, how would anyone even know who reported the tenant to authorities. Secondly, the landlord could have a third party do the reporting. Third, the fine is a mere $2,000 and the illegal alien would have to initiate a lawsuit.

That's not going to happen. Rather, Castro’s law is little more than a symbolic and futile effort to intimidate landlords.

The same of course applies in D.C. Just have someone else do the reporting. But that involves another person who might snitch. Then your apartment building is bombarded with protesters and picketers for weeks.

Especially in D.C. where a felony charge awaits, it's probably best to report anonymously yourself because the potential consequences are severe.

Public Service

As a public service against clearly unconstitutional laws, WikiHow explains How to Report Illegal Immigrants Anonymously.

Here's the curious thing about all this. There is no fool-proof way to know if someone is here illegally, unless the person tells you.

In California you cannot even ask, not that anyone would ever tell the truth if they were here illegally.

Nonetheless, such blatantly unconstitutional laws have no merit for existence. Their sole purpose is to intimidate landlords into accepting illegal aliens.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

No. 1-16

Let me guess - more scared Republicans? What happened to America the brave or more importantly, America the smart. If you are afraid of immigrants, illegal or otherwise and actually believe them to be some sort of threat that warrants fear mongering instead of embracing the economic benefits, then perhaps communist China may be a better home. A billion & half people compared to our 300 million, they don't need immigrants. Let's spend our money on really keeping America safe - fighting traffic deaths (30,000 in US per year), lung cancer deaths (400,000) per year, or, god forbid, gun control (20,000 plus shootings) per year.


Let me guess, is Illinois a democrat state? LOL. And make it legal for them to vote. Dems know who their bread and butter are. What will the likes of Pelosi do when her job gets replaced by an illegal voted to office? That would be too funny. I mean really, why have a couple hundred white people in charge of all the blacks and illegals? That's racist.


The next step will be to make it impossible to evict an illegal alien. They'll claim they're being evicted because they're here illegally and the landlord will have to prove otherwise. Which will be impossible.


Camel's nose under the tent, here, Mish. Next up, it will be illegal for employers to report illegal aliens, at the same time it will be illegal not to. These sociopaths might call that "Gotcha!"

Paraphrasing Ayn Rand, ' You can't rule honest men, so you must make them criminals.'


Hell, the average American unknowingly commits several felonies a day, some say 3, on average. Might as well make it 4.