Illinois Senate Votes to Require Schools Teach LGBT History

Illinois may follow California as the second state to require history courses on Gays and Lesbians.

The Illinois Senate voted to require public schools teach LGBT history.

The Senate voted 34-18 Wednesday on the plan by Chicago Democratic Sen. Heather Steans. It would require schools to teach a history unit on the role in society and contributions of gays, lesbians and other LGBT individuals.


Unlike others, I do not believe there is a gay-lesbian conspiracy to persuade people to become gays or lesbians.

Nor do I care what a person's sexual preferences might be.

I do have a concern about the quality of education and why people flee Illinois.

Dismal Chicago Public School Stats

The Chicago Tribune reports a rising rising trajectory of CPS graduation rates.

Hooray, the CPS graduation rate is up to 74.7% vs. a national average of 83%.

The Tribune offered this caveat: "CPS has in the past been caught exaggerating its graduation figures. It has corrected those practices, we’re told. But a pinch of skepticism when it comes to CPS numbers is always warranted."

Chicago Lags

Heartland.Org offers a more sobering CPS assessment.

The University of Chicago Consortium on School Research (CSR) estimates only 18 percent of 2016’s ninth-graders in Chicago Public Schools will earn a bachelor’s degree by 2026, seven years after their anticipated high school graduation in 2019.

This is expected despite a significant increase in the number of high school graduates in the Chicago system, from 57 percent in 2006 to 74 percent in both 2015 and 2016, according to the CSR study The Educational Attainment of College Public Schools Students: 2016, released in October 2017.

Question of the Day

Of that alleged 74.7% graduation rate, how many cannot do basic math? How many struggle with English? How many are ill-equipped for a job?

Instead of wasting time on fluff courses, why not improve skills needed in the real world?

Better Ideas

  1. How about spending more time on math, trades, and speaking proper English?
  2. How about a course on why people are fleeing Illinois in droves and why more businesses leave than come?
  3. How about a course on how socialists and public unions ruined Illinois?

Instead, students who cannot read, write, or do basic math will waste time on something totally useless in the real world.

Lesson for Illinois

That lesson will certainly not be taught in schools.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Appalling how much we spend on unproductive,
ineffectual education. That aside ,have you (Mish)advanced your relocation schedule?


The reason for this should be obvious. The legislature is powerless to fix the existing serious problems so it tackles problems that are spurious so they don't feel completely unimportant.
Sooner or later, the brightest of thinkers in this country will arrive at the conclusion that there are no solutions to our most serious problems. A scary thought which I'm afraid portends a lot of violence.

Mike Mish Shedlock
Mike Mish Shedlock


Thimk - I had a property management agent over today discussing renting our house. We are probably not going to move to MT where we purchased lots. Instead, we liked Moab UT. That's reasonably firm. Timeframe 1.5 years. Depends on my wife Liz.


There is a reason why democrats/progressives/liberals will fight against school choice to the death.

And it is not because they think it is “unconstitutional”


If you personally want to make a difference, I suggest you volunteer your time with any organization (perhaps a charity) that offers to train those who don’t have the necessary skills to compete in today’s job market. That is what I do in my country. I realize that I am only a small piece of a possible solution to improve the skills that people have, but it is far better than sitting back and complaining, like so many here. If you want to make a positive change in your country, then get off your backside and help.