India Postpones World's Biggest Financial Surveillance Scheme

India's government postponed the Aadhaar digital identity scheme for financial accounts following consumer protests.

A day before the case came up in the Supreme Court, India's government postponed the linking of the Aadhaar digital identity scheme to bank accounts.

Public outcry has forced the Indian government to delay plans to roll out a digital identity program on every citizen, linking bank accounts and other financial data.

The announcement stated that a new date will be announced later. However, adding to the confusion, the Ministry of Finance issued a press release stating that bank accounts have to be linked by March 31, 2018.

The Aadhaar project has become one of the most controversial issues in India, raising massive concerns about the government’s ability to carry out surveillance of citizens. While it was started as a “welfare” project to ensure better-targeted deliveries of government subsidies, it was essentially a surveillance tool, predicated on the ability to track citizens and profile them.

Concerned Citizens

The Indian government has been trying for years to get this project going. Eventually, it will succeed.

And it will spread beyond India on baseless grounds of rooting out terrorists and preventing money laundering.

Cash will vanish and the government will know where every penny is at every moment. Everything will be digital.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock