Ireland Backstop Serious Question: Who Will Enforce It? Mexico?


The EU insists the backstop is non-negotiable. I happen to have a serious question.

Hello Donald Tusk and Jean Claude Juncker

I asked that at 7:55 PM on Tuesday

Wednesday morning at roughly 3:00 AM UK MP Daniel Hannan asked a similar question.

Will Mexico Pay for the Irish Border?

EU Insistence

Since the EU insists there will be a backstop or a hard border, will someone, anyone, please tell me how that is going to work if Boris Johnson says the UK won't abide by it and Ireland insists there will not be a border.


Someone is lying, and it is not Boris Johnson.

In case you disagree Let's Discuss Brexit (and How the EU Bragged, on Film, About Screwing the UK).

No one supports a border.

This is the most obvious bluff in history and either Theresa May was dumb enough to fall for it it or she willingly went along with it.

I strongly suspect the latter.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Mish - Gotta Agree. The EU has not negotiated this in good faith...they have insisted on agreeing the Withdrawal prior to discussing the future (against Article 50 as you pointed out)...then at the same time are pushing for their pet future condition (the backstop) INTO the Withdrawal agreement (the rules apply to you not us in other words). That alone is reason to reject the WA. Tusk and the EU are big bullies and do not want to lose face, or give Italy, Greece and others even a sniff that leaving the EU is easy or even possible. They know if they give an inch, the captives in the prison will take a mile. The problem though is that this stance cuts off their nose to spite their face...when the economy goes into the toilet, and all this negative yielding debt blows up in their faces, the EU will be dying to get a decent trade agreement with the UK in order to export all their BMW's and Mercedes...they are stuck in a trap of their own arrogance. I am a U.S. expat living in the UK and have been working hard to convince my Remainer friends of this's a hard slog but eyes need to be opened. Go Boris!


Eire pays and erects.

It then shows the EU as the party wishing to see partitioning. Hypocrites.

This is not a UK tax payer problem but an Eire tax payer problem. It has always been thus but UK elements decided to take it upon themselves as a problem. We have enough problems of our own, this is the EU's.

Every individual that was in Theresa May's Government that stood up to the EU was removed or resigned. This was on purpose for obvious reasons.

Hollande said the UK should be punished, Brussells mock. Let them do as they will and both sides prepare to accept the consequences of their actions and words.

"Peace to all nations."


Agree, this is all a bit academic as nobody will put up a border. It will simply lead to an internal EU crisis. Totally disagree with the notion put forward in the comment and other posts that Germany needs a deal in order export cars. The reality is that the UK does not build its own cars that anybody in the UK wants to buy....everybody wants German cars The cars built in the UK (e.g. Nissan) are largely exported. So if I were a German car manufacturer I would sleep fine at night knowing that the UK will come begging asking for a specific deal on cars pretty quickly.


Those not supporting a backstop and not proposing a realistic alternative support a hard border, even if they will not admit it. For me this comes under the category of DUH! The EU and remainers have basically said you can leave if you wish, but you will not like the consequences because we are going to stick it to the UK so hard you will think you are having an endless litter of kittens. The hard border is just one of the planned methods of messing with the Brexiters.

Of course Ireland is also going to suffer. But the EU can compensate them for losses. Then there was the sad silly bluff by Scotland to terminate their status within the UK and join the EU as an independent land.

There actually is a broad feeling in Ulster that they should leave the UK and unify Ireland once and for all, and lest you think that is just more pie in the sky wishful thinking over nothing it was a condition that was included in the Good Friday Agreement, that they could at their own behest at any time hold a plebiscite on that very issue. Northern Irish have gotten used to an open border since 1998, and they also are widely displeased by their treatment in the UK government.

From September 2018

Karen Bradley admits ignorance of Northern Ireland politics

The Northern Ireland secretary says she was ‘slightly scared’ of the region before taking office

‘They don’t give a damn about us’: Belfast reacts to remarks

I would look forward to this as an Irish citizen, but only if it resulted in Ireland eventually leaving the EU itself. I lived there in 2017 and I find being an EU member has really decayed the culture. They were forced in and now should have the guts to leave. They could once again be the Celtic Tiger and in charge of their own destiny rather than submitting to EU cultural imperialism and forced multiculturalism.


Mish, no one has said they will not impose a hard border. In the event of a no deal brexit the EU will impose a hard border as they are required to do by WTO rules. Mrs May proposed the backstop. The EU agreed to it. The backstop was a UK policy.