It is clear President Trump is comfortable with economic manipulation. This is not written as an attack on Trump but to point out the President has a distinct view of the world which spills into the financial system. Trump appears to embrace MMT and often seems more worried about today than the future. His "damn tomorrow" attitude is reflected in deficit spending and calling for lower interest rates.

Trump's delusion that his stock market can go straight up forever is not based on years of stock trading but rather his years in real estate where inflation treated him well as prices rose ever higher. The article below argues this has skewed his views on the economy in ways that might damage us in the future.

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MMT is communist version of govt dependency, dependent on govt,dependent on that check from govt,that handout from govt,that subsidy from govt,that contract/support from govt and the US produces nothing other than dept/deficits and massive govt so Trump's simply playing the hand he's been dealt.