Ivory Tower Compassion: Merkel Urges "Understanding" for East Germans

Mike Mish Shedlock

That pitiful look on Merkel's face is not a plea to understand East Germans. It's a plea for them to understand her.

Ahead of German Unity Day, Angela Merkel, says the issue of migration has split the country. She calls for Greater Compassion and Understanding for the Concerns of East Germans.

> German Chancellor Angela Merkel told the Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper on Saturday that although German reunification was largely "a success story," many communities in the country's former communist east harbored resentment.

> "Much of what happened in the early 90s is once again facing people (today)," Merkel said, referring to the period of upheaval that followed the reunification of East and West Germany on October 3, 1990.

> Merkel said there had been a "certain amount of nervousness" in Germany since the 2017 federal election, which reduced her authority and saw the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) emerge as the third-largest party. The chancellor said the challenge of migration, in particular, had opened up divisions in the country.

> The recent violent protests that gripped the eastern city of Chemnitz following a fatal stabbing that was blamed on asylum-seekers served as an example of how damaging such divisions can be.

> Merkel argued that was one reason to do everything one could to make the anti-migrant AfD "as small as possible."

> "For me that means addressing and solving the problems people are worried about," she said, adding however that there was a need to draw clear boundaries "where there is hatred, where there are general suspicions, where minorities are marginalized."

2018 Chemnitz Riots

For starters, it was indeed asylum-seekers that killed a German man leading up to the Chemnitz Riots.

> In the early morning of 26 August, after a festival celebrating the city's founding, a fight broke out resulting in the death of a German-Cuban man and serious injuries to two other people. Two Kurdish immigrants, one Iraqi, and one Syrian were named as suspects. The incident re-ignited the tensions surrounding immigration to Germany, which had been ongoing since 2015 and the European migrant crisis. In response, mass protests against immigration were ignited by far-right nationalist groups. The protests spawned riots and were followed by counter-demonstrations.

The protests seemed reasonable enough. Immigrants have killed, murdered and raped German citizens.

The German citizens are fed up, and rightfully so. That the protests got way out of hand is a separate issue.

Ivory Tower

Merkel still does not see herself as the primary catalyst for this mess. It was her asinine immigration policy that fueled these protests.

Let in millions of people who cannot speak German, have no skills, and who cite religion as giving the a right to attack women, and what the hell do you think would happen?

Merkel, in her ivory tower, calls for "compassion" for the East Germans. That smacks of blaming them.

Merkel talks of "solving the problem". She should look in the mirror. She is the problem.

It's no wonder AfD is rising in the polls.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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They're NOT Germans no mater what language they speak or their skills.

Merkel is a criminal.

Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for everyone IS White Genocide.

Access to White people is not a human right


According to EU directives EVERY asylum seeker could have been put into CLOSED refugee camps or CLOSED residences after they came to Germany and asked for asylum for as long as processing their asylum claim and giving a decision took.

Merkel CHOSE to let asylum seekers hang around freely in Germany. So ALL rapes, assaults, murder and child molestations committed by asylum seekers were a POLITICAL CHOICE of Angela Merkel.

According to EU directives ALL failed asylum seekers can be kept in DETENTION until they can be DEPORTED back home.

Merkel CHOSE to let failed asylum seekers hang around freely in Germany. So ALL rapes, assaults, murder and child molestations committed by failed asylum seekers were a POLITICAL CHOICE of Angela Merkel including the rape and murder of 15-year old Jewish girl by failed Iraqi Kurd asylum seeker who fled to Iraq after the rape-murder. Previously said Iraqi Kurd had already raped an 11-year old girl but German police did NOT investigate despite being informed of the rape of the 11-year old by her mother because there were 4 men called Ali in the asylum seeker center.

Merkel needs to RESIGN and go apologize personaly for each person and family who has suffered from Merkel's INCOMPETENT and STUPID political CHOICES.


EVERY Syrian was ALREADY SAFE when they had reached Turkey so they were NOT fleeing when they came to Germany, the Syrians went to Germany because Germany provided 100% acceptance rates for asylum claims by Syrians, generous welfare money and free apartment whereas in Turkey they had had to WORK to get money and to get an apartment by paying for it.

Turkey only gave free tent with heater, free food, free water, free schooling and free university places for Syrians so if one wanted a free apartment without working and free and generous welfare money one had to go to Germany.

Despite the fact that Merkel must have known this she kept saying "there is NO LIMIT how many asylum seekers Germany takes" and demanded that all EU countries must keep borders open because "too many people are coming to stop them" and took selfies with asylum seeker men and told that those people waving "refugees welcome" banners hysterically are really good people and doing what is right.

In fact Greece's leftist Syriza government told in ADVANCE during their election campaign that they were going to stop detention, release all migrants in detention and stop forcing migrants to register and when they won Syriza kept their promise and once word spread that nobody is forced to register in Greece anymore and there is NO detention anymore and everyone is just waved north millions wanted to come since Greece's actions and Merkel open borders insanity meant that everyone going to Greece could get to Germany or further into Sweden so no more staying in NO WELFARE Greece when one could get to Germany.

When Orban tried to follow EU rules and register everyone going thru Hungary and stop them going north aka doing what Greece SHOULD have done Merkel called Orban every name in the book and demanded migrants should be allowed through and Orban let Merkel have them since the situation in the Hungarian refugee camps was bad since migrants knew Hungary has NO welfare and Germany has generous welfare and migrants knew they would have to stay in refugee camp in Hungary until their claim was processed when in Germany they could go to German nightlife so of course they tried to escape, rebelled and fought because the dream of Germany was so close.

EU should have closed all borders surrounding Greece in August 2015 or even in July or June in 2015 and there would have been no asylum seeker crisis of 2015 since migrants would NOT have gone to Greece in the first place since there is NO welfare there and it is easier to get jobs in Turkey. Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia finally closed the borders in early spring of 2016 and arrivals to Greece CRASHED even before Merkel made the stupid Turkey deal where she promised 70-80 million Turks visa freedom in Europe in exchange for Turks trying to stop smuggling and taking back a few hundred migrants if EU countries took 20,000 migrants from Turkey. Merkel did this to hide the fact that CLOSING BORDERS had solved the problem.

Merkel's and EU's "solution" in 2015 was to create burden sharing from Greece and Italy around EU which GUARANTEED migrants would get through Greece and Italy so it attracted more and more migrants to EU. First EU burden sharing was agreed in 27th May 2015 for 40,000 migrants and this was the start of the masses of migrants coming since it spread the word that Europe was OPEN. When more migrants started coming Merkel and Druncker pushed through another EU burden sharing for 120,000 but of course this did NOT help since migrants kept coming because borders were open.

Now Merkel wants to go pick up migrants directly from Middle-East and Africa by building EU asylum centers there so migrants could ask for asylum without paying for smugglers or risking their life. If it was made possible to ask for asylum in Europe from outside of Europe tens of millions would do it and millions would come to Europe every year.


Furthermore Germany has a special made up category of "humanitarian protection" for asylum seekers who are NOT entitled to either "asylum" for those persecuted or "subsidiary protection" for those vulnerable and fleeing really dangerous circumstances where threat of violence is high.

EU directives do NOT demand category of "humanitarian protection" and over half of EU countries do NOT have category of "humanitarian protection". "humanitarian protection" is a totally made up category lobbied for by some NGO's and migrant rights activists.

Germany has category of "humanitarian protection" and last year in 2017 Germany gave about 50,000 residence permits to asylum seekers based on "humanitarian protection" in other words Germany gave free generous welfare money and free apartment for life to about 50,000 migrants a year that Germany had NO obligation under EU directives to give anything and that Germany could have sent back to their home countries.

Merkel is totally clueless and Seehofer is also just a poser posing as being tough.

Salvini just REMOVED "humanitarian protection" from Italian laws (Italy had been giving 20,000-30,000 "humanitarian protections a year) and from now on 99% of the migrants who had been getting "humanitarian protection" in ITaly will be getting sent home.

Merkel and Seehofer are talking some bla-bla while BAMF (German asylum seeker agency) keeps giving almost everyone a residence permit despite serious corruption being found at BAMF and BAMF giving asylums and subsidiary protections EASIEST of all EU countries.

Merkel and Seehofer also do NOT deport criminals and they do NOT cancel residence permits for criminals.

Salvini just made deportations easier and started to cancel residence permits and Italian citizenships from those who kill, from those who rape and from those who deal drugs.

Merkel and Seehofer are twiddling their thumbs....


"Merkel still does not see herself as the primary catalyst for this mess."

Career Politicians can never see they are the problem.

This applies to the entire bunch of politicians and their clique of bureaucrats, regulators, banks, corporate, rating agencies, media and lobbyists, aided and abetted by central bankers and a decadent justice system which works for them (settle without accepting anything, pay up the slap on the wrist and walk all the way to the bank as it did for Musk now). Tell me how this is going to change without a civil war?


I have perfect understanding of the east Germans. I agree with them.


If I knew more about psychology I would at least have a vocabulary to describe what I have witnessed recently. Total obsession with a belief at the expense of all else and an inability to consider alternatives to that belief. Human Programming.

Those not sharing that belief are considered ill and/or to be pitied. It's a way to label entire groups and if needed round them up as having a problem that's needs to be addressed. We are witnessing something I cannot find the words for. Forcing a mass of humans to comply with the wants of a political elite. A form of fascism?


"Let in millions of people who cannot speak German, have no skills, and who cite religion as giving the a right to attack women, and what the hell do you think would happen?"

The fall of the Roman Empire.


She's trying to move the narrative to avoid questioning of her stance/policy and instead move it to questioning the validity of the stance of those opposed to her policy. The opposition is not as enlightened and therefore should be pitied.

This "norm" is new, a creation of her policy, and could be changed if there is sufficient opposition but she is also signalling she will not change the new norm.

Become enlightened or be pitied, she will not change. A recipe for increased opposition.


I am encountering more and more people (in Europe) who readily agree to being racist. It's the easiest way to pre-empt all the leftist posturing and moral indignation. People are naturally racist. Five year olds play with people of the same size. Humans consort more readily with like-minded others than with bears or snakes. People care more about their own family members and identify with their own town, region, and group. Trying to repress such basic facts about human existence and over shout them does not work. People who were once married but are now "good friends", accepting strangers from other continents as though they are your own kin, it's just not credible. I do not propose to treat strangers badly or unjustly ... it's great to be polite and hospitable and to exchange experiences with people very different than yourself. But it's a bad joke to think that we can be multicultural. Culture is things like stopping for a red light. Things don't work without a shared framework. Cultural & religious freedom in modern society are predicated on these things being "personal life-style" preferences, and no longer essential to the warp and woof of social and economic necessities, like laws and money and weights or measurements -- things that don't allow you assign subjective values. Such freedoms are the result of modern social-economic structure in which life-long personal embedding in small tribal units are no longer a matter of survival. But there are still limits to how much diversity is tolerable before things start to fall apart. If you don't believe it, try experimenting with various social norms where you work...


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