Juncker Warns of Brexit Calamity: C'est la Bullsh** Says French Ports Chief


Fearmongering about "no deal" is at a fever pitch. Such talk is useless and laughable.

It Must Be Serious

The lie of the day award goes to Jean-Claude Juncker, the outgoing European Commission president who once famously stated, "When it becomes serious, you have to lie."

On Saturday, Juncker warned the British Will be the 'big losers' in a No Deal Brexit.

“If it comes to a hard Brexit, this is in no one's interest, but the British would be the big losers. They pretend it's not like that, but it will be,” he said in an interview with an Austrian newspaper, which was published on Saturday.

“We are at maximum preparation, though some British authorities say we are not well prepared for a no-deal. But I do not participate in this summer game. We are prepared and I hope the British are too,” he said.

Big Losers? Maximum Preparation?

Who the hell does does Juncker think he is fooling?

Neither side is fully prepared at the moment, but both sides have until October 31 to prepare for No Deal.

Things are truly serious when Juncker steps up to the plate with a pair of obvious fearmongering lies.

The notion the "British will be the big loser" shows just how desperate the setup is.

Those who disagree may wish to consider Eight Reasons the EU Will Suffer Far More Than UK in Brexit.

Rapid Rebuttal Unit

To counteract fearmongering, Michael Gove, Cabinet Office Boss for Boris Johnson, takes on Brexit fake news with a Rapid Rebuttal Unit to Quash No-Deal 'Myths and Half-Truths'.

The new Response Unit will be run by civil servants in the Cabinet Office and will ensure that "the public and businesses are not being alarmed by scare stories or falsehoods ", The Sunday Telegraph can disclose. Senior Government figures are known to have become frustrated over the anti-no deal stories aired by the BBC in recent days, notably one about cows being slaughtered in Northern Ireland after a no deal exit.

Last week BBC2's Newsnight programme reported that 45,000 dairy cows could be culled in Northern Ireland, in the event of a no-deal Brexit if new higher tariffs were applied to British milk despite Defra saying that a cull is "absolutely not something that the government anticipates nor is planning for in the event of no-deal".

Ministers are concerned that some stories in the media that exaggerate concerns about a no-deal will needlessly encourage members of the public to stockpile goods.

C'est la Bullsh**

In related Brexit fearmongering, please consider No-Deal Lorry Mayhem at Dover and Calais? 'C'est la Bullsh**' Replies French Ports Chief.

The head of the French channel ports has dismissed warnings of Brexit chaos on the Dover-Calais trade route as irresponsible scare-mongering by political agitators.

"The British authorities have been doing a great deal to prepare. People say they are asleep but I can assure you that they are highly professional and they are ready," said Jean-Marc Puissesseau, president of Port Boulogne Calais.

"There are certain individuals in the UK who are whipping up this catastrophism for their own reasons. This has provoked a lot of concern but basically ‘c’est la bullsh**’. Nothing is going to happen the day after Brexit," he told The Telegraph.

"Britain will be a third country, that's all, and there is no reason why this should lead to any problems. If both sides do their homework traffic will be completely fluid," he said.


Puissesseau said that no one was prepared in March, but everyone is prepared now.

"I have just received a delegation of Polish hauliers - and they are the most important in Europe - and I can tell you that they are perfectly up to speed on everything that has to be done," said Puissesseau while also insisting freight transport in a WTO-Brexit are not as complicated as critics claim.

Roughly 30 percent of the lorries from Dover to Calais currently travel empty (a sign of serious imbalances in the UK’s bilateral trade relationship with the EU). “They will go straight to the green line and won’t need any clearance. Another 60 percent of the does not carry material that needs to be checked,” he said.

Loose Ends

There are many loose ends that need to be addressed, so despite Juncker's claim, no one is fully prepared.

No one will be fully prepared on October 31 either.

But now that Brexit reality has sunk in, there is plenty of time to tie up most of the significant loose ends.

Expect Cooperation

It is to the advantage of both the UK and the EU to cooperate, so expect cooperation.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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who believes a clueless, megalomania suffering, grossly overpaid parasite with a drinking problem, speaking for a worthless, totally superfluous megalomaniac EU circus full of clueless, grossly overpaid parasitic clowns?


Good to see some real evidence coming through. I know more than a few people who are positively scared by the media reports on Brexit, they literally think we are going back to the Stone Age as a result of leaving the EU.

The EU's strategy of scaring everyone senseless isnt without cost though. When it is proven to be false, I cant imagine anyone wanting to go back.


The EU never negotiated in good faith and has tried to harm Britain for leaving. Junker's claimed concern for calamity is FAKE NEWS.

Tony Bennett
Tony Bennett

Y2K redux

I just wish that there were enough US leaders to call the bluff of those crying out "staring into the abyss" ... "back to the Stone Ages" ... if banks didn't get TARP do over.

Nationalize worst offenders, recapitalize, then break up ... while sending some folks to jail was proper response.


October 31 will come in a couple of months, and then we'll see who is more right--like most things it will not be as bad as the pessimists say or as smooth as the most optimistic assume. The biggest argument against "smooth" is the number of years that UK has not operated a a totally independent country and the atrophying of those government departments necessary for independent and intergovernmental operations.

The only sure thing on November 1 (and for years forward) is there will be more Brexit negotiations. Not coming to agreement today does not negate the need ultimately for mutually understood, rationalized arrangements.


low barriers to trade across countries is a good thing. brexit ends that


Y2K all over again...it will happen, it will be fine and it will ultimately save the British Empire.


The only certainty is that things are going to be VERY messy in the UK for the next couple years and that the economy is going to take a big hit, no matter what happens. The core problem remains that opinion is so divided over Brexit that a sizeable portion of the population is going to attempt to sabotage any conclusive outcome (either to complete Brexit or cancel it). If Brexit goes forward on October 31 there will be scecessionist movements in Scotland, northern Ireland and Wales that will create massive uncertainty and parliament will be obstructionist to almost every piece of legislation that is attempted.

If Brexit is cancelled, or the deadline extended, Leave supporters will likewise gum up smooth political processes in the UK and support upstarts like the Brexit party and there are sufficient Brexit supporting MPs to disrupt government there too.

In short, Britain is in for massive economic and political uncertainty for years to come.


I all of those dairy cows in Ireland are slaughtered, what will happen to the price of the grass fed butter I enjoy so much?


No the best lie goes to Little Englanders. last week they were bragging about a trillion dollar trade deal with America, a deal to be done in" weeks, nit months" according to tRump mouthpiece Tom cotton. Today they're talking about mini-deals done in the next year, but only if Little England follows tRump's orders. I'm sure they actually believe tRump when he tells them the check is in the mail and he will respect them in the morning.


More 'free trade' from the EU.

This is from Australia..The Australian Dairy Industry Council today said it was “deeply concerned with EU efforts to impose their trade restrictive GI regime on Australia through an FTA.”

In a statement, the council said: “Australia’s dairy industry will continue to defend its right to call dairy products by their common food names.”

ADIC estimates the EU’s demand to restrict many cheese and dairy product names could “put at risk local products with an aggregate sales value of more than $650m.”