Kim Accepts Trump's Offer to Meet in US and Trump Will Go to North Korea

According to North Korea state media, Trump and Kim Yong Un agree to meet in each other's country.

There is scant US press on this at the moment but several hours ago the Telegraph reported Donald Trump 'accepts Kim Jong-un's invitation to visit North Korea'.

"Kim Jong-un invited Trump to visit Pyongyang at a convenient time and Trump invited Kim Jong-un to visit the US," KCNA reported.

"The two top leaders gladly accepted each other's invitation, convinced that it would serve as another important occasion for improved DPRK-US relations," the report added, using the official abbreviation for North Korea.

"Kim Jong-un said in order to achieve peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula and realise its denuclearisation, the two countries should commit themselves to refraining from antagonising... each other out of mutual understanding," KCNA reported.

Current and former US defence officials expressed concern at the possibility the United States would unilaterally halt military exercises without an explicit concession from North Korea that lowers the threat from Pyongyang.

Body Language

There is an interesting video in that link on body language. I played others but that was the best one I could find. It does not embed.

Here is one that is more general, not related to to the visit with Kim.


Misguided Pundits

Misguided pundits bitch and moan that North Korea got a "better deal".

For example Vox moans Trump just struck a shockingly weak deal with North Korea.

One person on Twitter (a chickenhawk) called Trump a coward.

My Take

The deal looks even better now than it did this morning

This is what I said 16 hours ago I commend Trump: Trump and Kim Jong Un Sign Agreement.

" I suspect many will think Trump caved in. I think this was Trump's finest moment as president."

I am an equal party basher. I have blasted Trump for weeks on end over his trade policy.

Many people will never be happy with Trump no matter what he does.

Everyone Wins

It doesn't matter who got the better deal as long as both sides win, and both sides did win.

Trump agreeing to go to North Korea and Kim to the US is an amazing achievement.

Let the peace begin.

MIke "Mish" Shedlock

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Great, they needed to make concrete plans like this to keep momentum going after the meeting. Kim visiting the US and Trump visiting DPRK is a good idea.

Still checking my overall optimism until this ball keeps rolling, and I still wonder what Bolton, Pompeo, Mattis, Kelly, and the rest are trying to do behind the scenes. There's a reason why any path to peace is astonishing, given modern US history.


Maybe they will keep Trump in NK, for the good of the civilized world?


"Let the peace begin..." Indeed. We should start by disarming NATO then sack some of the idiots driving deep-state policy in the USA.


Looks like Trump finally found a playmate cut from the same limelight seeking cloth as himself! Rather than the usual “low energy” bores, who insist on putting the audience to sleep, taking more than 5 seconds formulating responses to complex questions involving nuclear Armageddon…

They should agree to do a reality show together. “Nuts with Nukes!” They’d dominate primetime rankings world wide. There’s just no cliffhanger like one of these guys’ fingers hovering over “the button” at the end of every episode….


The problem is Trump communicates that he doesn't prepare, shoots from the hip, doesn't listen to his experts and is unpredictable, so its hard to respect decisions that come out of a process that appears shambolic and chaotic