Let's Discuss Brexit (and How the EU Bragged, on Film, About Screwing the UK)


Michel Barnier, the EU's Brexit negotiator, admits on film, that he sought to trap the UK in a permanent customs union.

The comeuppance and arrogance of the EU towards the UK is staggering. And it's all captured on film by Lode Desmet, a Belgian filmmaker.

In my video I put a spotlight on five key items.

  1. The EU bragged about crushing Theresa May: "We Got More Than We Hoped"
  2. The EU admitted Theresa May wanted a customs union all along.
  3. Michel Barnier spoke on film of "using Ireland for future negotiations. Isolating Ireland and not closing this point, leaving it open for the next two or three years."
  4. Barnier used the words "permanent pressure" in regards to the backstop.
  5. The EU bragged about "getting rid of the UK on EU terms" and turning the UK into a "colony"

Why Did the EU Authorize the Film?

  • To mock the UK
  • To openly show that no one could leave the EU without being severely punished.
  • Pure arrogance

Intent Cannot Be Denied

The EU cannot hide its intent of trapping the the UK in a permanent customs union, with no say in policy.

Regardless of Brexit beliefs, everyone in the UK should be aware of these shocking details.

Just Leave!

If after playing my video, or the full length 58 minute version, Behind Closed Brexit Doors Part II, you still favor a customs union, your desire must be like Jeremy Corbyn's: to turn the UK into a vassal or colony of the EU.

It's time for the UK to move forward and save £39 billion (About $49 billion) in the process.

Instead of handing that money over to the EU as a Brexit bill, then having the EU demand more and more to eliminate the Backstop, it's time to just leave.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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It's like pubic union "negotiations" in the US. Both "sides" want the same thing: To screw the common man and taxpayer.

Let's just hope the Brits learned more from their Sex Pistols, than American Ben Dovers ( In America, Ben Dover has now replaced Joe Sixpack...) did from their Founding Fathers.


After Brexit USA will form a free trade agreement with Britain. US farm products at half the price will replace French farm products. German autos and machinery will be tariffed out of existence. All European banks will fail. The British will prosper. The socialist beggars of Europe will slide into third whirled peas.


This kind of post is exactly why I read your blog!! Thanks for all the research you do. The UK would have to be crazy to want to stay in the EU.



Thanks Quatloo It took a lot of time and effort to produce that 7-minute video. For starters, I played the 58-minute video at least twice. Then I had to note precise start-stop times to make the clips. It took me 4 hours to produce about 5 minutes on my end, and I paid someone to stitch it all together for me. I am getting a teleprompter. I did that without one. Mish



I sent that to Nigel Farage. I exchanged emails with him the other day on something so I hope he considers posting it.