Lies, Lies, and More Lies: EU Style


Brexit chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, is boxing with the wind, landing no punches with wild blasts at the UK.

Looking for humorous lies of the day? I can help.

Please consider EU Chief Negotiator Blames Brexit on 'Nostalgia for the Past'.

  1. In an interview with the New York Review of Books, Barnier identified “typically British” causes for the vote to leave, saying one was “the hope for a return to a powerful global Britain, nostalgia for the past”.
  2. He also warned Tory leadership hopefuls that Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement was the only option for leaving the EU.
  3. Speaking about anti-EU sentiment across the continent, he said: “People on the ground feel lost, that they have been abandoned; they feel their cultural identity is in danger … we have to respect these local identities. “The more the economy is global, the more people need to be reassured that their roots will be respected.”
  4. “If the UK wants to leave in an orderly manner, this treaty is the only option,” Barnier said. “If the choice is to leave without a deal – fine. If the choice is to stay in the EU – also fine.”
  5. He also repeated negotiations on Britain’s future relationship with the EU could start immediately once the agreement was signed. “We are ready, we are waiting,” he said.
  6. The two-times EU commissioner and former French foreign minister, is increasingly seen as the next president of European commission. “That’s not a question for today,” Barnier said.
  7. Talking about the EU, he stressed the importance of Europe speaking with one voice to increase its clout in the world: “The fact that we speak with one voice on issues of trade or competition makes us a global actor. Otherwise, Europe would turn into a museum.”
  8. Speaking of his political heritage on the French centre right, Barnier recalled that Charles de Gaulle had once said merging all the peoples of Europe would be like making a purée de marrons (chestnut puree). “That doesn’t sound very appealing, so we cannot merge all the nations.”

Lies and Contradictions

  • Point 1 contradicts point 8: Barnier blasts the UK for the nostalgia of doing things its own way while stating "We cannot merge all the nations.” Which is it?
  • Point 7 contradicts point 8: This contradiction is even more obvious. Barnier simultaneously wants Europe to speak with one voice while also stating the obvious "We cannot merge all the nations.”
  • Point 3 contradicts points 1 and 7. It is also a lie. You cannot "respect local identities" while demanding "Europe speak with one voice."
  • Points 2 and 4 are lies. No deal can be very orderly. The only way it won't be is if the EU insists on making it disorderly.
  • Point 5 is a lie. Barnier specifically stated he would use the Irish backstop as a means of "permanently" applying pressure on the UK.
  • Point 6. I accept Barnier's statement, at least in regard to not fitting in with the rest of the discussion. However, the statement isn't very clear. Does he want the job? The answer is yes, or he would have explicitly stated so.

Lie Caught on Tape

Of all the lies, point 5 is a standout.

Barnier admitting using the Irish backstop as a means to permanently trap the UK.

I have clips of Barnier on video: Let's Discuss Brexit (and How the EU Bragged, on Film, About Screwing the UK)

Yes, Barnier used the word "permanent".

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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European bureaucrats have been getting away with these kinds of lies & contradictions for DECADES. Europeans are happy to be deceived & lied-to... it's why the continent is failing... no one leads, everyone follows.


" Point 3 contradicts points 1 and 7. It is also a lie. You cannot "respect local identities" while demanding "Europe speak with one voice." "

In progressive Newspeak, there as here, "respect local identities" only means the niggas are allowed to dress up in traditional costumes, and perform traditional dances at non threatening "multi-culti" festivals. All for the entertainment of the progressive rabble, of course. But only as long as they bend over, unconditionally, for progressive totalitarianism in all matters which matter. From guns, drugs, local laws and familial relations; to monetary, taxation and other issues which could threaten the leechocracy's stranglehold on the fruits of their niggas' labor.

It's just like in similarly dystopian America: Freedom of religion, as long as your "religion" is sufficiently watered down to amount to nothing more than a costume party. Heck, in all honesty, Europe is actually a bit less totalitarian in that regard; if more out of practical necessity than out of commitment to any higher-than-lowest-progressive-denominator idealism; simply by virtue of having been bullied by certain resident Muzzies into leaving increasing space for Sharia courts, rather than ones consisting solely of progressive ambulance chasers on the make.


This is nonsense Mish. The points are pretty clear:

  1. One of the causes is a nostalgia for the past - or are you saying that no person in the U.K. who voted for Brexit at all had nostalgia play even a small role in their decision? (Note: I know several people in the U.K. who support Brexit and nostalgia, sort of a "Make Britain Great Again", is a common emotion. Anti-German vitriol is also apparent.)

  2. No deal Brexit is another option, unless it is illegal in some way, but I've no idea how they would stop Britain.

  3. The impact of globalization on the working classes of the most advanced economies has been at best neutral, and often negative. I assume you've seen Christoph Lakner and Branko Milanovic's "Elephant Chart" that neatly highlights this.

  4. Obviously accurate, no deal Brexit is not seen as an orderly step even by most proponents.

  5. The current deal is the first step to working out the trade deal between the U.K. and Europe - this is part of the deal May has been pushing, so all good here.

  6. No comment.

  7. One of the points of the E.U. is that it can negotiate better trade deals as a whole than as a bunch of separate countries - this is pretty simple economics, so no worries here.

  8. Yup, nobody is expecting Italians to cheer for Holland's national team. Seems obvious.

Mish, you are letting your emotions gin up controversy where there is none. I totally expect that the representatives of the remainder of the E.U. to screw the best deal they can out of the U.K. - I'd expect them to do the same to any third party - it is their job and responsibility. Getting wound up because they are going to use the tools at their disposal, including and especially the Irish border issue, is naive.


The main reasons people voted for Brexit: [1] Sick of influx of migrants -- same politically incorrect sentiment driving the discontent vote across the EU. [2] Sick of current economic regime -- á les yellow vests -- stick it to the status quo. [3] Decades faux Brussels news conditioning by the tabloid press, silently fed by British (race) superiority and contempt for the continent (French!, Italians!, Greeks!). [4] Delusional nostalgia for the time that Britannia ruled the seas.