Macron's Fake Solidarity Exposed in EU's Migrant Feud

EU member countries fail to reach a deal as cracks grow among European governments over migration policy.

The Wall Street Journal reports Dispute Over Naval Mission Deepens EU Fissures on Migration Policy.

A naval operation that has rescued tens of thousands of migrants in the Mediterranean hung in the balance Thursday, as a new Italian government intent on overhauling Europes migration policy threatened to scrap it.

>The operation, whose core mission is tackling smuggling gangs, has been a critical element of the blocs response to the migration crisis since its launch three years ago.

>Italys coalition government wants changes to the mission, Operation Sophia. One option is to change the rules so that boats bring rescued migrants not just to Italy but to ports in a number of European Union countries on a rotating basis.

>Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who leads the fiercely anti-immigration party, the League, told reporters in Rome on Thursday that if the EU doesnt accept Italys proposed changes to Sophias rules, the government might not continue supporting the mission.

>EU foreign-policy chief Federica Mogherini said that the discussions had shown unanimous support for the mission but that it wasnt clear whether members could come to a compromise. She said talks would continue in coming weeks.

>German Defense Minister Ursula Von der Leyen on Thursday said that resolving the standoff over Sophia was a test of EU credibility. She also warned that Italy shouldnt use the issue to force changes in the blocs broader asylum rules.

Unanimous Support?

Yes and No. Its unanimous that someone do it, but there are no volunteers to do it.

French president Emanuel Macron is the biggest hypocrite of all.

Credibility? There is none.

France Pushes for Sanctions

DW reports France's President Emmanuel Macron backs sanctions on EU states refusing migrants

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Saturday that EU states that benefited from the bloc yet considered only their own self-interest when it came to taking in migrants with proven asylum status should face financial penalties.

"You can't have countries that massively benefit from the solidarity of the European Union and that massively voice their national selfishness when it comes to migrant issues," he told a press conference in Paris alongside new Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

"I am in favor of sanctions being imposed in the event of no cooperation," he added.

Both Macron and Sanchez also spoke in favor of establishing closed reception centers, set up close to where migrants often arrive first in Europe, where migrants can be held while their applications for asylum are processed. The centers would be created in accordance with guidelines from the UN's refugee agency UNHCR, Macron said.

Italy's interior minister and deputy premier, Matteo Salvini, of the anti-immigration Lega party, gave an angry response to Macron's comments, saying the French president was wilfully underestimating the problems of migration for Italy.

"If it is not a problem for arrogant President Macron, we urge him to stop with the insults and show generosity with deeds opening the many French ports," Salvini said.

"If French arrogance thinks it can transform Italy into Europe's refugee camp, perhaps handing out a few euros as a tip, they've got it totally wrong," he added.

Solidarity Defined

We don't want em. You keep em.

Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic boycotted the meeting. All four countries reject accepting refugees according to a mandatory resettlement scheme.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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The immigration resettlement disagreement fundamentally is a sovereignty issue of those countries rejecting immigrants.


It amazes me that it is US interventionism that has created the migrate situation in Europe, yet no one, NO ONE, dares point to the US and demand that it take some level of responsibility for the problem. So the EU is on the verge of imploding over the issue, as the US continues to push its interventionist policies. Incredulous!


The whole crisis obscures some fundamental untruths: [1] The people rescuing migrants from the seas in encouraging more migrants and human trafficking -- they should all be shut down and prosecuted; [2] The idea of asylum has been expanded so much over the years (b/c of claims to homosexual, religious, and ethnic persecution) as to have become meaningless. Any real political asylum has become completely impossible in a sea of people who are just trying to migrate outside of the rules. The fact that everybody keeps this charade going is as much a comment on our culture as the fake accounting global credit pumping that will keep going until reality catches us up.


The French have a genetic disposition to wanting to punish others. Just the thought of the EU cabal and pretty boy Macron makes me want to puke.


So many migrants started coming to Italy originally in 2013 when leftist government led by then Prime Minister Enrico Letta started operation Mare Nostrum that defined whole of Mediterranean Sea as rescue area which led to Italian navy picking up migrants near Libyan Coast and bringing them to Italy.

This policy was chosen because a couple boats full of migrants had sunk earlier in 2013 and almost all on board had drowned due to smugglers telling migrants to cause their boat to have problems at sea so that they would need to be saved and therefore under international maritime law passing cargo ships or other ships would need to pick them up and take them to the nearest safe port (which EU had determined to be in Europe since they considered Libya and Tunisia unsafe in 2013)

Obviously picking up migrants near Libyan coast caused Italy to receive lots more migrants since smugglers could put even more migrants per boat and use boats that were in worse shape than before and also use inexpensive Chinese dinghies. Italy solved getting hundreds of thousands of migrants by NOT REGISTERING their asylum applications so they could go to other EU countries to ask for asylum since they were NOT registered in Italy.

In 2014 Italy got another leftist Prime Minister Matteo Renzi that continued this policy and in 2014 Italy saved 170,000 migrants from the sea and only registered 70,000 as asylum seekers meaning Italy "lost" over 100,000 migrants that went to other EU countries from Italy with most asking for asylum in countries that have generous welfare.

Italy does NOT have generous welfare so of course news spread among migrants that one could get through Italy to EU countries with generous welfare so this attracted even more migrants to Italy in 2015 and Italy continued NOT REGISTERING them and pushing them north at such numbers that France was FORCED to start border controls on the France-Italy border where French border police started stopping migrants at border, inspecting trains at the first station inside France and removing migrants and driving them in vans back to Italy and even having border police with dogs in the mountain areas between France and Italy to stop migrants. France has a policy of NOT ACCEPTING asylum applications on French border because Italy is a SAFE country (this is completely compliant with Geneva Convention so Trump and Sessions could decide to NOT ACCEPT any asylum applications on USA-Mexico border and put illegal immigrants on vans and drive them back to Mexico but both Sessions and Trump appear CLUELESS).

EU started doing the sea taxi rides from Libyan Coast to Italy through Operation Sophie after Italy stopped Mare Nostrum and since the EU's Frontex agency and Operation Sophie did NOT go as near the Libyan Coast as Italian operation Mare Nostrum had gone this led to many German operated NGO's renting ships and going to pick up migrants near Libyan Coast and bringing them to Italy.

This route of taking hundreds of thousands of migrants a year to Italy from Libya by Italy/EU/Frontex/NGO's has attracted hundreds of thousands of migrants to go to Libya because they have heard one can get from Libya to Europe. This means the route to Europe from Libya that is kept going by EU is attracting hundreds of thousands to come out of which thousands die in Sahara while crossing to Libya and many are abused, assaulted, raped, taken hostage, blackmailed by the ruthless smugglers operating in Libya. When smugglers have got all the money from relatives back home that they can squeeze out then migrants are put on boats and pushed toward edge of Libyan waters 12 miles out to sea from where NGO ships or EU Operation Sophie or Frontex ships pick them up and take them to Europe aka Italy.

Since Salvini has made NGO ships operations more difficult by closing Italian ports to NGO ships and thereby forced Malta to stop acting as a base enabling NGO ships to continually bring new loads of migrants to Italy this has caused smugglers to again instruct their customers to get in trouble at sea so they would be picked up and taken to Europe by Italian Coast Guard or Maltese Coast Guard or cargo ships.

Salvini was actually brought to power by the fact that since summer of 2015 when France closed their borders with Italy more and more migrants that cross the Mediterranean have stayed in Italy. Since early 2016 even Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia woke up in and are trying to stop migrants like France so that as little as possible are able to leave Italy to go north. Even Italian police have been forced to start acting and are stopping groups of hundreds of men already on the Italian side before borders with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia with batons and pepper spray so Italian borders are not completely shut by their neighbors because that would hurt trade, business and tourism in Italy.

Almost NONE of the migrants are Libyan that cross the Mediterranean sea and 95% of asylum seekers that got to Italy in 2017 were from SAFE countries so they were completely SAFE and were only coming to Libya because they heard that since Libya is considered UNSAFE by EU and because there are smugglers there giving rides out to sea and because EU policy is to save people and then bring them to Europe aka Italy it means that getting to Libya means getting to Europe.

95% of asylum seekers that came to Italy in 2017 were from SAFE countries like Nigeria, Gambia, Senegal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Cameroon etc...

Pakistanis and Bangladeshis fly to Libya because Libya has given Pakistan and Bangladesh visa freedom and then they try to cross to Europe. It is clear there is corruption money paid to Libyan officials by the smugglers otherwise Libya would immediately STOP the visa freedom to Pakistan and Bangladesh since 99% of Pakistanis and Bangladeshis that fly the long flight to Libya do it to cross over to Europe.

Macron is NOT a hypocrite by REFUSING to allow ships rescuing migrants to come to French ports because 95% of migrants that come through Libya to Italy currently are FAKE asylum seekers that are NOT persecuted and that are from SAFE countries so they are migrants just dreaming about European welfare countries. Macron is STOPPING these migrants on French border with French border police and by NOT accepting asylum claims on the border so of course Macron also says NO to receiving ships full of migrants as a policy choice. Macron has shared some migrants from individual ships that were accepted by Malta by flying them to France.

France has now also started border controls on the Spain-France border to STOP migrants coming to France through Spain after the new leftist minority government in Spain stupidly gave a signal that it would be softening it's stance for migrants which led to tens of migrant boats crossing over from Morocco to Spain in some days. Now Spain seems to have woken up to what irresponsible political statements can cause and is tightening their policies again for example by throwing migrants that ran from Morocco to Spanish enclave Ceuta back to Moroccan side of the border. Spain has an agreement with Morocco where they can return all Moroccans and all third country migrants that just crossed Morocco to get to Spain back to Morocco and I hope they start using it again. Right now Spain has had most migrants in EU in 2018 thanks to the irresponsible statements by leftist Spanish PM in early summer of 2018 after coming to power.

Italy has also themselves to look in the mirror if they want to find out the reason for why migrants want to come to Italy (in addition to previously mentioned reasons like attracting more to come by NOT registering over half and just pushing them north since 2014 and providing sea taxi rides from Libyan Coast to Europe since 2013).

Reasons migrants want to come to Italy:

  1. Italy has more lax and loose asylum legistlation than required by EU directives. EU directives require categories of "asylum" for those persecuted and "subsidiary protection" for those who are vulnerable like kids or women that are fleeing war.

However Italy also has a category of "humanitarian protection" that Italy gives to those who are NOT eligible for either asylum or subsidiary protection and in 2017 Italy gave 20,000 "humanitarian protection" residence permits mostly to migrants from SAFE countries.

According to EU directives Italy could have sent EVERYONE it gave "humanitarian protection" back HOME but instead Italy gave them residence permits. Most EU countries follow EU directives and have NO category of "humanitarian protection" and only EU country that gives more "humanitarian protection" residence permits than Italy is Merkel's Germany at almost 50,000 in 2017. So far Salvini has been a clueless tough talker and has NOT fixed this loophole Italy and Germany have in common.

  1. Italy has OPEN asylum seeker centers so asylum seekers can go there to eat, sleep and collect their welfare money (less than many other EU countries but Italy still gives money despite some EU countries giving NO money and NO money being required by EU directives) and then asylum seekers can go get drunk in Italian streets and bars and nightclubs and try to find a girlfriend in their aggressive style with many rapes also happening in Italy by the asylum seekers or migrants.

EU directives allow keeping asylum seekers in CLOSED areas or CLOSED residences and some EU countries keep asylum seekers in CLOSED areas or CLOSED residences until their asylum application has been processed and decided. Italy has CHOSEN to have OPEN centers for asylum seekers. So far Salvini has NOT fixed this loophole.

  1. Italy let's FAILED asylum seekers hang around FREELY in Italy and Italy has 100,000's of FAILED asylum seekers around Italy doing whatever they want. EU directives allow putting FAILED asylum seekers in DETENTION until they can be REPATRIATED or DEPORTED. So far Salvini has NOT fixed this loophole.

  2. Italian Courts do NOT automatically order DEPORTATION of migrants, asylum seekers or FAILED asylum seekers or asylum seekers that were given residence permits (like the 20k "humanitarian protection" cases per year) who are CONVICTED of Crimes like rape or assault or sexual harassment or other violence. Instead deportations are left to different bureaucracy that is INCOMPETENT since Italy has many CONVICTED criminal migrants, asylum seekers and asylum seekers that were given residence permits much too easily walking around free as birds despite EU directives allowing DETENTION and DEPORTATION back home. So far Salvini has NOT fixed this loophole