Memo Released, That's Just a Start: Let it All Hang Out

At long last, the "blockbuster" memo was released. What did it say? Nothing more than's been hinted at for weeks.

The Wall Street Journal reports House Releases GOP Surveillance Memo.

  • Democrats have said the four-page document is full of omissions and cherry-picked facts designed to throw doubt on the investigation into collusion between Trump associates and Russia.
  • The FBI expressed ‘grave concerns’ over the accuracy of the document

Memo Background

The memo involves FBI surveillance of Carter Page, a one-time adviser to President Donald Trump. The FBI started investigating Page based on information provided by a former British spy, Christopher Steele.

The problem is much of what Steele claimed was bogus, the rest questionable allegations. Moreover, allegations abound that Steele was paid for by the Clinton campaign.

There are numerous reports about this over the past month. A search for Christopher Steele Clinton will turn them up.

On January 31, in a very unusual statement, the FBI Urged Trump to Not Release the Memo.

The FBI said the memo was "inaccurate." I am sure it was. But how inaccurate? The FBI statement sounds more like a cover-your-ass request than anything else.

Read the Memo

You can download and read the memo if you care to. It's a PDF in image format.

Here is a key snip.

Comey Chimes In

Memo destroyed trust in FBI. What a hoot. The classified information has been known for weeks.

At best it questions the FBI's competence.

Snowden Chimes In

The Lies

Let it All Hang Out

If there are omissions, let's see them. If there are inaccuracies they need to be corrected.

I offer this musical tribute.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

No. 1-25

Had the FBI told the FISA court of Steele's anti Trump comments, that Steele was paid with Hillary and DNC money, that the wife of a DOJ deputy AG, Nellie Ohr, worked for Fusion GPS, the judge would have blew a gasket as he threw them out of his courtroom.


McCabe testified without the dossier there would be no warrant, and that the FBI did not tell the judge that the information the warrant application was based on was paid for by Trump's political opponent.


this is treason but it will never get to that


Sure bro - why isn't there an investigation of British meddling in US elections. A former British spy writing a hit piece for hire on which a FISA warrant was obtained. A British national who vehemently opposed a Trump presidency. How do we know that the British government wasn't secretly trying to sway our election? Oh yeah because he was payed by the DNC and the Clintons. Do you realize how stupid this all looks? The DOJ and FBI based their application on that? Why don't we bring in Steel for congressional testimony? Or better yet conspiracy charges? Why is it that the left chooses not to care that Steele is a foreign agent trying to influence the US election?


I am willing to pay as much attention to Mueller’s investigation as the District of Columbia Police Dept has paid to the Seth Rich homicide investigation. That is, mind at all. Both “investigations” are tasked with covering up the truth, not exposing it.