Merkel's Legacy: Refugee crisis, the Splintering of Germany, Brexit

After nearly two decades as CDU Leader, the end is in sight for Angela Merkel. Her first term as Chancellor was 2005.

The next German election is slated for 2021. I doubt Merkel lasts that long.

The Wall Street Journal reports, Critics Prepare to Challenge Merkel’s Chancellorship as She Steps Down From Party Leadership Role

“As a chairwoman and chancellor I bear the responsibility for everything, for success and for failure. There was a signal that this cannot go on. The image of the government is unacceptable,” said the chancellor at a press conference Monday.

Ms. Merkel said that she won’t run for chancellor again at the next scheduled elections in 2021 and will retire from politics then.

At the same time, she stated her intention to remain as chancellor until then and appealed for her government to carry on. “It would be a joke of history to end the coalition only after six months in office,” she said.

Joke of History

A "Joke of History" is likely on the way. Merkel and SPD brought this upon themselves.

This last attempt was "grand" only in name. Further losses for SPD are highly likely.

Merkel's welcoming of millions of refugees splintered Germany.

The loss of the center was to the gain of the Greens and AfD at the expense of CDU/CSU and SPD.

Were elections held today, it would take a three-way "grand coalition" of CDU/CSU, SPD, and FDP to rule.

But SPD will continue to decline until it provided voters a reason to exit. That will take SPD in opposition, not in a coalition.

Merkel's Legacy

Merkel can take credit for starting a refugee crisis, the splintering of Germany and Brexit . That will be her legacy.

The CDU party leadership vote is in December. Merkel will last that long. Be prepared to kiss he goodbye shortly after that.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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well without the US, Germany,France, turkey, and Russia have started peace negotiations and a rebuild plan for Syria.

How many refugees will return to their home county?


It would be unprecedented to continue as chancellor without being the party leader...and why any successor of her in the party helm would like to wait in line?


"Merkel can take credit for starting a refugee crisis, the splintering of Germany and Brexit . That will be her legacy."

You can also credit her for the end of Euro. What a legacy after a couple of decades.


The evil woman could be around for 3 more years??

Uggh. That's no defeat. I only hope she finds herself and her complicit partners on trial for destroying Germany. ITs a crime.

Ted R
Ted R

Thank goodness that stupid, liberal woman is gone. She will not be missed.