Mueller Delivers Report on Trump-Russia Investigation to Attorney General


Robert Mueller has concluded his Trump-Russia investigation, handing the report to Attorney General William Barr.

Robert Mueller handed over Results of the Trump-Russia Investigation to the attorney General today. Trump asks for the full document to be made public.

Special counsel Robert Mueller presented his long-awaited report to the Justice Department on Friday, ending his nearly two-year investigation that has roiled the Trump presidency and likely setting up a battle with Congress over what he has found.

No details from the report on the investigation, which examined Trump campaign connections to Russian election interference and whether the president himself tried to obstruct justice, were immediately made public. Attorney General William Barr said in a letter to Congress that he may advise lawmakers of any conclusions from the report “as soon as this weekend.”

Mr. Barr has previously said he would bring as much transparency as possible to Mr. Mueller’s findings but stressed that Justice Department policy prevents officials from disclosing much about investigations that didn’t yield criminal charges. That means a swath of Mr. Mueller’s probe—especially as it relates to President Trump—may not be revealed any time soon.

The wide-ranging inquiry yielded criminal charges against 34 people and the convictions of five Trump advisers, including his former campaign chairman, his first national-security adviser and his personal lawyer, several of whom admitted to lying about contacts they had with Russians before Mr. Trump’s inauguration.

But the special counsel hasn’t made public any of his investigation as it relates directly to the president, who answered a series of written questions, setting up what are likely to be protracted disputes with congressional Democrats over access to all of the evidence Mr. Mueller compiled, even if it didn’t lead to any action.

Barr will likely spend the coming days combing through the report for information protected by grand-jury secrecy and other classified information, and assembling his own, abridged version to provide to Congress.

Make it Public

The Financial Times offered this snip.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump told reporters he was happy for it to be published. “Let it come out. Let people see it,” he said.

Indeed. And it should be easy enough. Trump has authority to declassify anything.

The only thing possibly worth redacting is investigations into others who were not charged.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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2.5 years and $40 million wasted.

No collusion. No obstruction.

And now a precedent for every new president elect. Constant investigation of every facet of their lives from the day they take office. Destruction of anyone who may have worked for them on decades old charges. Then have a "friendly" state conduct double jeopardy charges.

And ignore those who politically connected.

And we wonder why America has become hyper-partisan.

No. 1-6

Mueller, what no indictments? Impossible! CNN will now switch to the truth from Comey and Brennan. Russia, Russia, Russia !!! Mueller is incompetent or was handcuffed by Trump in his search for the truth?


Trump spent two years vilifying Mueller and now he claims he wants the report made public? I'll take that with a grain of salt. He also said he'd release his taxes only he never did.

A lot of partisan attacks against Mueller. I've always had faith in Mueller, Rosenstein and now Barr. I think its too soon to draw conclusions. All we know is Mueller isn't seeking new indictments and he wasn't over-ruled by DOJ on anything.

Important to view everything from a ven diagram. there's unsavory and illegal. trump may have engaged in the former but not the latter. we all need to take a breath and wait for the report to be released. lot of people drawing conclusions without reading the report.


I despise Trump and all his political enemies, friends and family. I consider Washington DC to be the center of evil in the world. Let them all destroy each other.


The real objective of the Mueller "investigation" was to bury the criminal activity of HRC, BO's DoJ & the FBI.

The open-season slander vs. Trump for 3+ years was just a 'bonus'. Dems consider all of this a "win"... their cynical, contemptible heroine & her bathroom server are safe, and the MSM's funeral was forestalled a little while longer... that's the Prog logic here. Of course, they are oblivious to the fact that their bed-wetting behavior has cost them yet another election. They will convince themselves that it was all "worth it", because feelings+tantrums > facts+reason.

The Left is toast. They cannot stop sabotaging themselves.


We know nothing about what's in that report until it's released. Don't be dumb.

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