Mueller Investigation Ends With Total Vindication of Trump, But Democrats Will Press On: Wikileaks Saves Trump?

Trump is completely exonerated in my view, but others will disagree. Expect Democrats to foolishly press on.

The Mueller report finds no evidence that anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign coordinated with Russian. This ought to be the end of it, but it probably won't.  

The Wall Street Journal reports Mueller Report Says ‘Fairness Concerns’ Prevented Obstruction Judgment on Trump. 

Moscow extensively interfered in the 2016 presidential election, but repeated communications with the Trump campaign that year didn’t amount to a criminal conspiracy, Robert Mueller said in a report that also avoided judgment on whether President Trump obstructed justice out of “fairness concerns.”

Thursday’s long-awaited release of Mr. Mueller’s report, which runs to 448 pages, capped a nearly two-year investigation into Russian election interference in 2016 and ties to Mr. Trump’s campaign associates. It found extensive evidence that a Russian company tied to the Kremlin conducted a disinformation campaign against American voters and that Russian military officials hacked computers of people affiliated with the Democratic Partyand Hillary Clinton, Mr. Trump’s electoral rival that year.

while citing repeated contacts between Russia-linked entities and Trump campaign officials in the run-up to the election, it found no evidence that anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign coordinated with those Russian efforts, which have brought criminal charges against dozens of entities and individuals.

Mr. Mueller’s team also looked into allegations that Mr. Trump had obstructed justice, including by firing FBI Director James Comey in May 2017 after allegedly pressing him to go easy on his national security adviser Michael Flynn, then under investigation over his contacts with Russian officials. But Mr. Mueller decided not to provide judgment on obstruction by President Trump, the report said, in part because of legal guidance that a sitting president can’t be indicted. “Fairness concerns counseled against potentially reaching” a judgment that Mr. Trump committed crimes “when no charges can be brought,” Mr. Mueller wrote in the report.

Nonsense Will Continue

Since the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives in January, House committees have launched a number of their own investigations—into Mr. Trump’s finances, businesses, relationships with foreign states, White House security clearances, and other avenues.

Russia Hack?

I do not accept that it was a Russia hack of the DNC. Timing considerations suggest it was an inside job. 

However, it could have been an inside job with the insider knowingly or unknowingly providing the information to Russian agents. 

Wikileaks Saves Trump?

Intercept authors  James Risen, Robert Mackey, Trevor Aaronson believe Russia’s Use of WikiLeaks Allowed Trump and his Advisors to Avoid Collusion.

The decision by Russian intelligence officials to use WikiLeaks as an intermediary in its cyber campaign against Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party may have inadvertently saved Donald Trump and his advisors from charges of conspiring with Moscow to win the election. The Mueller report makes clear that there was very little contact between the Trump campaign or people close to it and DCLeaks and Guccifer 2.0, the two online personas initially created by Russian intelligence to disseminate Democratic emails and other documents.  

But once WikiLeaks got involved, Trump and his advisors were eager to make contact with the group and its founder, Julian Assange. 

In effect, the GRU, Russian military intelligence, laundered its hack through WikiLeaks, which allowed people around Trump to contact WikiLeaks without facing accusations that they were working with the Russians. 

Beginning in March 2016, the GRU, hacked computers and email accounts associated with the Clinton campaign, including the email account of campaign chairman John Podesta. Beginning that April, the GRU hacked the computer networks of the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The GRU also targeted hundreds of email accounts used by Clinton campaign employees, advisors, and volunteers, and stole hundreds of thousands of documents. 

At first, the GRU created the two online personas, DCLeaks and Guccifer 2.0, to disseminate the documents. The Russian intelligence service’s Unit 26165 registered the domain anonymously and paid for it with bitcoin. Starting in June 2016, the GRU posted stolen documents on The website remained in operation and public until March 2017. 

On June 14, 2016, the Democratic National Committee said that it had been hacked. The next day, GRU officers created Guccifer 2.0, apparently in response to the DNC’s announcement, and the persona published its first post, attributing the DNC document theft to a lone Romanian hacker. Guccifer 2.0 continued to release documents between June 15 and October 18, 2016. ....

Mueller’s findings about the Trump campaign’s interest in what WikiLeaks had on Hillary Clinton and its efforts to communicate with WikiLeaks are heavily redacted in the report released today. But even with the redactions, it is clear that Trump and many in his circle were eager to get whatever WikiLeaks had on Hillary Clinton.

So What?

The above Intercept view makes little sense. It implies Trump would have gone to Russia for information if it could not get the info from Wikileaks. This is highly speculative, at best.

So what if Trump wanted Wikileaks info? So did everyone else.  

And the Intercept article also accepts at face value that the DNC was hacked.

I don't. More importantly, the Intercept founder Glen Greenwald doesn't either.

Greenwald on the Mueller Report

More Greenwald Tweets

More Greenwald Tweets

Witch Hunt

This was nothing but a witch hunt from the beginning.

Importantly, if there was anything at all in the report, I am positive Greenwald would have discovered it. 

Democrats will rely on the fact that it was heavily redacted. But look at the second Tweet above. On second thought here it is in isolation.

Greenwald Not a Trump Fan

Please note that Greenwald is not a Trump fan. Rather, Greenwald is a socialist AOC supporter. 

Democrats Will Carry On

Nonetheless, expect Democrats to carry on. So will the nutcases at CNN. 

If so, this will not help the Democrats in the next election one iota. 

Trump has been totally vindicated, despite views to the contrary.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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"I do not accept that it was a Russia hack of the DNC. Timing considerations suggest it was an inside job. "

Exactly. The volume of data was much too large for a hacker.

Moreover, intelligence agencies, including Russia's, do NOT dump vast quanties of intelligence into the public domain. Inelligence leaks are limited and very selective.


If Trump is totally vindicated then Hillary must be completely totally 110% vindicated. He was investigated for 2 years and 7 or 8 people associated with him were indicted, but not Trump. Hillary was investigated for 4 years and not a single person was indicted. Truth is, neither Hillary nor Trump is vindicated, the authorities just decided their crimes couldn't be proven in court, but make no mistake, they are both criminals.



"If Trump is totally vindicated then Hillary must be completely totally 110% vindicated"

Let's investigate Hillary for 22 months and see what turns up


Ever the Trump favorable (you know, the most crooked Pres ever - > lie a day his MO) an answer in search of a question.


The important thing is, to keep the well indoctrinated drones dumb enough to fall for the nonsense that what is important in this world, is petty, childish court intrigue: Which prince talked to whom? Which privileged clown may have have whispered something to someone in the hallway? What does she and she feel? Oooh Aaaah I'm soooo exciiited!! He's sooooo eeeeviiiill!!! Gommiment must doooo something!!!!!

Noone interferes more in US elections than US politicians. Get rid of them first, then worry about the Russians and Martians.