Nasdaq Down 5%, DOW and S&P Down Over 3%: Just a Start

The FANGs led the Nasdaq on the way up and lead again on the way down. Technology shares were hammered close to 5%.

The Wall Street Journal reports Quickening Retreat From Tech Sinks Market.

> U.S. stocks suffered their biggest decline in more than seven months Wednesday, as investors accelerated their retreat from fast-growing technology stocks in favor of shares that have been overlooked.

> Major indexes have started the fourth quarter on their weakest footing since the beginning of 2016, and the swift fall has some investors wondering if this is a brief stumble or an overdue reckoning for U.S. stocks after months of outperforming global markets.

> The rotation out of tech and other growth stocks—among the most popular trades of the year—to so-called safety stocks, such as utilities companies, was sparked in part by the recent jump in government bond yields and the Federal Reserve’s bid to tighten monetary policy.

> But there have been other warnings signals that made investors nervous. Recent data has showed a slowdown in both housing and auto sales, both of which are closely watched indicators of U.S. economic health. Even more concerning: trade tensions between the U.S. and China appear to be worsening.

> The result: A simultaneous selling of 2018’s biggest stock-market winners.

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There's that cash on the sidelines stupidity once again.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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They think they can hold markets up but it never happens. Look at the numerous stock declines on record.


This was so easy to see coming. I went short the S&P two days ago and already am up 90% (puts). I laugh when I see people say Elliotwave does not work but they just do not take the time to study it. I have for several decades and if you know how to use it, these tops and third waves down are perfect times to go short (or long in an opposite market). I’ll probably close the position and look for closer strikes.


All cash outside of federal reserve notes is fully invested at all times. And the federal reserve notes are never invested. There is no such thing as cash on the sidelines.


it will be interesting to see how the algos perform on the downside.


market is over-valued is significantly by scales. I'm waiting for the inevitable 10% downward move and analysts going on TV and declaring the market somehow cheap. We haven't had a true correction/bear market in years. And I'm not talking 2008 style. I'm thinking mid 70's style.