Peace: The One Thing the US Warmongers Do Not Want

Vice President Mike Pence made fools of the US at the South Korea Olympics. Kim Jong Un's sister stole the show.

For a welcome change of pace, a thaw between North and South Korea is taking place. Unfortunately, the US wants no part of it as vice president Pence showed the world at the Olympics.

New York Magazine describes the great lengths Pence took to make a fool of the US at the opening ceremonies (above Tweet) and even more so at at a dinner party on Friday put on by South Korean president Moon Jae-in.

After showing up late, the VP intended to quickly leave after a photo session. Moon asked him to greet the other dignitaries at the event and Pence did, shaking the hands of everyone at the VIP table except for Kim Yong-nam [Kim Jong Un's sister].

By leaving early, Pence missed out on a special dessert — a chocolate representation of the Korean peninsula with a dark chocolate piece of barbed wire laying over it.

And then, during the ceremonies, as North and South Korean athletes entered the stadium together under a unified flag, Pence and his wife Karen remained seated while everyone around them rose to applaud.

Dinner Desert

Pence Sits Down, Everyone Else Stands

Sports Irony

Hypocrite Pence demands respect from athletes while offering none to the Olympic athletes and none to his South Korean hosts.

Unity Flags

CNN has a nice collection of Unity Flag Images.

Unification Flags at Hockey Event

Unification Note

Unification Opening Ceremony

Stealing the Show

Kim Jong Un's sister, Kim Yo-Jong, Stole the Show at the Olympics.

If "diplomatic dance" were an event at the Winter Olympics, Kim Jong Un's younger sister would be favored to win gold.

With a smile, a handshake and a warm message in South Korea's presidential guest book, Kim Yo Jong has struck a chord with the public just one day into the PyeongChang Games.

Brilliant Maneuver

Sending Kim Yo-Jong' Smiling Face to South Korea was a brilliant diplomatic maneuver.

Kim’s proposal for a summit was “a brilliant diplomatic maneuver,” said Andrei Lankov, a historian at Kookmin University in Seoul who once studied in Pyongyang. Moon would irritate Trump if he accepts the invitation, while declining would make the U.S. and South Korea appear “unreasonably bellicose,” he said.

“The proposal, as well as North Korea’s presence at the Games, sends a signal that the North Koreans are ready to talk,” Lankov said. “And this signal helps the opponents of a military operation in Washington and elsewhere.”

Time Columnist Ian Bremmer Idiocy

Time columnist Ian Bremmer is at the top of the list in not getting it. Here is his remarkable display of warmongering idiocy.​

Isolationism Two Ways

It's pretty hard not to be isolated when the whole world has sanctions on you.

The irony in the unity message is South Korea's move to un-chill relations with North Korea is likely in direct response to Trump's threats. It is logical for South Korea to diffuse Trump's ridiculous posturing.

It is also logical for North Korea and Iran to want nuclear weapons. The whole world has seen how the US destroyed Iraq for no reason, on trumped-up lies about weapons of mass destruction.

Arrogant, Childish Behavior

Consortium News sums up the Korea "Missed Opportunity" perfectly.

"At the end of the day, Pence had exemplified the worst of arrogant U.S. foreign policy with his childish behavior."

Chilling Indeed

Please spare us silly comparisons to appeasing Hitler. Kim Jon Un does not seek world domination nor does he plan on extermining people based on race.

Also spare us the sap about Kim Jong Un being a brutal dictator. It is not for the US to determine what is best for South Korea.

The Rolling Stone accurately explains how Trump's North Korea 'Options' Could Lead to Nuclear War.

"The president has taken his saber-rattling beyond Twitter – showing a real willingness to gamble with millions of lives," says the Rolling Stone.

The world should welcome peace overtures between the divided Koreas. But the one thing none of these warmongers want is peace.

That's what's chilling.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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This x10000

It's just unfortunate that a majority of people don't believe it will work and that they can't see that it's their own fear convincing them of this.


“Imagine what would happen if someone with bad intent gets his hand on the valve that can cut off 25% of the world's oil supply. “

Considering “someone with bad intent” already has control over 100% (or at least 90%, if you wish to leave salt-of-the-earth US shale wildcatters out of it….) of it, not much is left to the imagination. Your “someone with bad intent” will do what Isis did. And Saddam. And the Mullahs want to do. He’ll sell the oil to the highest bidder. I.E maximize utility, much of which can be had from a mountain of money, very little for a shut wellhead somewhere in a dessert. It’s called basic economics. Economics 101. Heck, it’s one of THE fundamental axiom of economics.

His “highest bidder” may not be “us.” He may be happy to take $10 for himself, $40 for The National Oil Co., from someone with fewer scruples about “corruption”, rather than $60 for The National Oil Co. from “us.” But then the guy buying from him will sell to us, pocketing the difference without a lick of work. As that is what maximizes his utility.

One way or the other, the oil will be extracted. AND, it will find it’s way to the one who can use it most efficiently. As he is the one who can afford to pay the most, considering efficiency of use is simply a measure of how much value is created per unit of oil. Hence, the more efficient you are, the more you can ultimately afford to pay for it. So the most efficient will get it.

Now, who do you think will be the most efficient user? A closed dictatorship where all production is undertaken to maximize “bad intent,” or an open society where anyone is free to improve any existing process, while competitive pressures ensure anyone no longer the cheapest and most efficient user, is quickly routed around and left behind?

IOW, freedom works, dude! For real. Noone needs world policemen managing affairs for them now, any more than the hordes who crossed the Atlantic and set off into the then wilderness needed it back in America’s civilized era. Left to their own devices, people will maximize utility all by themselves. Which means transacting with, hence make wealthier and more influential, those who can help them do that. IOW, guys who help others for a competitive fee. IOW good guys. Not with “guys with bad intent.” Which will leave the latter routed around, impoverished and irrelevant. All without any need for some blowhard bully, claiming the world owes him thank yous for being just that.


The unfortunate thing is that the world is run by psychopaths and narcissists. They are liars, murderers and bullies by nature and feel no remorse. If you are not the biggest bad ass on the street, it is only a matter of time... Since the end of WW2, the US has kept the oil flowing and the West safe from aggression from many sides. I don't agree with a lot of US foreign policy, especially in the last 20 years. But, if the US stands down what happens next will not be pretty. Imagine what would happen if someone with bad intent gets his hand on the valve that can cut off 25% of the world's oil supply. For the last 73 years, from the German border to the Pacific Rim, the military power of the US has maintained stability and prosperity. For that, we have heard a load of crap from those that have benefited most. Russian tanks have not rolled west and the Chinese have not moved very far east and south. Any thank yous???


"When has not communicating and not trading ever worked?" Cuba? Iran? Russia? Iraq? " Probably the single best example was the collapse of the USSR. Of course, Russian Dictators did take over again, but many areas are no longer under their control, such at Eastern Europe and the Baltic states.


DBG - you are correct.