"Peak Trump" by David Stockman: Book Review


Two thumbs up for David Stockman's latest book: Peak Trump, the Undrainable Swamp, and the Fantasy of MAGA.

David Stockman has another smash hit with his latest book, Peak Trump: The Undrainable Swamp and the Fantasy of MAGA.

Stockman is a New York Times best-selling author and he was also Ronald Reagan's budget director.

In "Peak Trump", Stockman goes after all the sacred cows: Military spending, entitlement spending, MAGA, Trump's tax cut, the intelligence budget, and the Wall.

The book is not about Red vs Blue. In fact, it's not really about Trump at all. Rather, Trump just happens to be the man at the moment.

I had a lengthy phone conversation with Stockman after I finished reading the book. The first thing I said to him was "This really isn't about Trump, is it?"

He laughed, then responded along the lines of, "You are correct. Trump is a symptom of the problem. He wanted to drain the swamp but failed to do so. He never really had a good chance of doing that, but he failed to make the most of the chance he had. We are where we are because of decades of Congressional and monetary mismanagement."

MAGA supporters may not see it that way. Those seeking a Leftist agenda will not be pleased either.

Stockman is sure to offend damn near everyone with one of his positions on something, including gun control.

Neither Stockman nor I are pleased with the partisan politics and the Washington compromises that keep digging us into deeper and deeper fiscal holes.

Timing Irony

Peak Trump is out just as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi humiliated Trump over the wall. Stockman could not have possibly timed his book better.

In regards to the wall and drugs, Stockman quipped, "The moment the wall goes up, there will be drone flying drugs over the wall to the other side".

If you disagree, please tell us why.

Stockman defends his positions well. The book is well supported with excellent charts and graphics.

Even though you are highly likely to disagree with "something" he says, you are highly unlikely to disagree with "everything" he says.

Most importantly, I suspect he will change your mind on something.

Whether you like Trump or not just Get the Book!

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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The book sounds like it describes why Trump won. It was a hail mary by 49% that didnt work. Bring on the crash of the 2020s. Reality cant be dealt with until we stop living in fantasy. Ray Dalio and John Mauldin have better perspective on the coming crises. They are generational and only happen once every 90-100 years.

St. Funogas
St. Funogas

There are already drones flying drugs over the wall, as well as tunnels, air cannons, ladders, catapults, trebuchets, ultralights, Cessnas, portable ramp/bridges, and probably on wings of eagles too. An improved wall will only make the challenge that much more fun for the drug runners. But whatever Uncle Sam puts in place, they will get over.

I'm surprised no one is holding a contest yet, or a television show, where the 8 wall prototypes are near San Deiego. Let Americans see once and for all that it takes very little brains to get over any of those walls. I've got several designs myself already. Just looking for sponsors and team members now. :-)


MAGA is a fantasy because the American Empire is in the decline phase. The fall of the Soviet Union was the effective peak, as the U.S. became the world's only super power. Quickly enough, being the king of the hill was squandered away. At the top of the hill, the only direction is down. We are following the same rise and fall of any other empire.


It is such a silly argument. Show something is 1% ineffective and therefore it is worthless and should not be done?

Does that make any sense?

So no walls around any prison then? So not one new medical advancement or new drug? And for sure, this never stopped democrats with gun control despite showing their laws 99% ineffective.

"The moment the wall goes up, there will be drone flying drugs over the wall to the other side"


But yet walls around NFL stadiums, prisons, CIA headquarters, the Democrat Convention, Nancy Pelosi house, the entire Israeli/Gaza border, the Iraqi/Saudi border, Disneyland, etc. are quite effective.

See if you can think of why.