Politicians Beware: It's Best Not to Deliver What You Actually Promise.

French president Emmanuel Macron delivered on his main campaign promises. Please consider what happened next.

Protest Underway

A ‘gilets jaunes’ (yellow vests) protest is underway in France.

The pain is easily condensed down to this chart.

Macron Promised a Revolution

Did not Macron deliver his campaign pledge on a new French revolution?

Why should anyone be upset?

Promise Delivered

Fancy that. A politician actually delivered his promise and people are upset.

Hundreds were arrested and fires burn as the ‘gilets jaunes’ (yellow vests) protest movement against Macron escalates.

More Europe, More Solidarity, More Taxes

Macron promised more Europe, more solidarity, and more taxes. He delivered!

Campaign Pledge Delivered

Macron delivered his main campaign pledge.

And now the masses are upset.


  • They wanted more solidarity for themselves not others
  • They wanted tax hikes on others, not themselves
  • They wanted "more Europe" in theory but not in practice
  • They want a government attack on global warming, but not if they have to pay for it!


Kudos Offered​

Amazing Performance

Macron actually delivered on his campaign pledges. Yes, that's quite amazing, especially his promise of a revolution.

Kudos offered. But here are the results.


25%? Excuse me.

Pardon, the error. That's not quite accurate.

Macron's approval rating fell to 23 percent in the poll conducted late last week, down six points on the previous month. Philippe's rating fell 10 points to 26 percent.

The president's score matches the low charted by his predecessor Francois Hollande in late 2013, according to Paris Match. Hollande was then considered to be the least popular leader in modern French history.

Backing Down

Politicians Beware

It's best not to deliver what you actually promise.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

No. 1-8

Let them eat cake.



In California, the leftists in control of the state government imposed a similarly high increase in gas taxes, as well as a big increase in already high registration fees. The Sheeple had the opportunity to simply vote it down in a binding referendum in November. Sacramento put a misleading title on the referendum and the moron majority voted to retain the taxes & fees. If you want to watch a movie about California, watch "Idiocracy".


Economy does matter after all!


A very dangerous person, not to be trusted, wicked, a real crook.


He actually deserves what he's getting, so he has no reason to complain.

But he's not getting anything. He is still safe and just as rich as before. The worst thing that can happen to him right now is that maybe he will have to roll back a few reforms. That is no consequence for him personally. And maybe (a big maybe), he will have to step down eventually. Boo hoo...

On the other hand, people whose cars and property are being torched and people who will now feel the repressions by police are the ones who are "getting" it. Regular people are victims of their own rage while Macron watches from safe distance.

If this were a real revolution, Macron would be lynched or at least deposed and tried for whatever crimes the mob thinks he did.