Rand Paul's Border Idea and a Dozen More in Festivus of Tweets

Mike Mish Shedlock

Senator Rand Paul listed a barrage of Tweets of things to think about for the new year.

Festivus is a series of over a dozen Tweets.

There are some great ones.

Rand Paul Festivus Kickoff

Festivus Quail

Festivus Lizards

Laser Cats is a Tremendous Idea

Festivus is a series of over a dozen Tweets. To see, please click on Senator Rand Paul's 2018 Festivus Tweetstorm

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Rand is Grand. Ron was better, but couldn't get far


Appointing the head of a defense contractor as secretary of defense isnt exacy progress.


Something not right. I always thought he was off and not the libertarian his father was. Now it seems that not only is Trump going off the deep end but he's taken Rand Paul with him. These tweets are truly bizarre.

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