Record 4 Million Sign "Cancel Brexit" Petition: It Won't Change a Damn Thing


Demonstrators clog the streets of London seeking a "peoples vote". Excuse me for pointing out, the people already voted.

Please consider ‘Cancel Brexit’ Petition Tops Record 4 Million Signatures, Crashing Website at Least Twice.

The call for Prime Minister Theresa May to revoke Article 50 is now one of the most popular petitions ever on Parliament’s site, surpassing 2016’s petition calling for a second referendum on Brexit and crashing the site early Thursday morning as traffic spiked. In order for Parliament to take it up for debate, a petition has to collect more than 100,000 signatures.

Cancel Brexit Petition Tops 4.5 Million

I took that snapshot on the Petition Parliament Site Saturday at 1:47 PM US Central.

The voting page looks like this.

I got a valid postal code from London Postal Code.

You don't need to enter your address, all you need is a made up name, a valid postal code, and a valid email address. The final step asks you to reply to an email sent to you.

If you click on that Email you are signed.

Multiple or Invalid Entries

  • Nothing stops one from doing this 10 or even 100 times.
  • Nothing stops someone who is not a citizen
  • Nothing stops someone who is 10 years old from signing the petition

I don't know how many petitions are fraudulent, but I I suspect a high percentage of them. But I also suspect that at least 500,000 of them are legitimate. That's way more than enough to trigger debate in Parliament. So there will be debate, useless time-wasting debate at that.

Ironically, long debate in Parliament helps the Brexit cause. Those supporting Brexit should hope the pony show discussion lasts a week.

Put It to the People

Won't Change a Damn Thing

The bottom line is the people already had a "Peoples Vote". There won't be another.

Neither Labour nor the Tories want another referendum. Theresa May does not want one.

A new election could change that but by the time there is an election and a referendum, Brexit will already have happened unless the UK agrees in advance to hold European Parliament elections and the EU is willing to grant an extension on that basis.

The petition is amusing but it will not change a damn thing.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

No. 1-9

It'll be 6,ooo,ooo by tomorrow


Yet another protest influenced by George Soros.


The bottom line is the people already had a "Peoples Vote".

So funny since you were an ardent defender of the Catalan voting rights for independence and yet you do not want a new vote for Brexit. What is it are you a all in favor of voting as long as it matches your narrative. LOL

Seed of doubt
Seed of doubt

Interesting article - FYI - the reason you are asked to give your name and address is so that the government petition site can then verify your records, which are held by government under your registered voting details. So random names at random postcodes may get accepted when you hit submit - but once its gone through a record check it won't be counted.... So close to 5 million votes now are legitimate and if it hit around 20 million, parliament would be forced to reconsider their stance on a 2md referendum